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Lately, on our blog and social media, we’ve focused on someone whose voice is often unheard in the adoption story: the birth father. While the birth father is in many cases out of the picture, we recognize that if he is involved, he has a very important role to fill in his child’s life. Because of this, we want to educate our community about the role of birth fathers, and give them a chance to tell their stories. So last week, we shared video interviews with Tim, a birth father who placed his child through Holt-Sunny Ridge. He shared honestly from his own personal experience about finding out about the pregnancy, making the decision with the birth mom to place their child and choosing an adoptive family.

Tim isn’t the only birth father who is speaking out about his experience. Turns out, birth fathers are speaking up! We just need to listen a little more closely.

A few weeks ago, there was a great article in the Huffington Post about adoption and birth fathers entitled “Thinking About the Christmas Story and Adoption.” It begins by reflecting on the Christmas story and how, in a sense, Jesus had both a birth father (God) and an adoptive father (Joseph). This is an example of a historical story about adoption that dates back thousands of years! But there are also a lot of modern-day stories and accounts from birth fathers that we can learn from.

After reflecting on the Christmas story, the article then transitions to a Q&A session with Darrick Rizzo, a birth father who is writing a book about his own open-adoption experience. He talks about the life lessons he’s learned and stands up for other birth fathers who choose to stay involved in their child’s life.

Here is a great excerpt from the Q&A session with the writer, April Dinwoodie, and Darrick Rizzo:

April: It is rare that we hear the voices of first/birth parents, rarer still to hear from first/birth fathers, can you tell me why you think that is?

Darrick: I think it’s rare for birth fathers to speak out because the stereotype is that birth fathers don’t exist. They are not around or there to support the birth mother. I truly feel there are a lot of birth fathers out there like me but they don’t have the courage to speak up and share how they feel. That’s why I feel my voice is important and I hope I can help other birth fathers on their journey as well.

Click here to read the whole story from Huffington Post. 
*Cited and linked with permission from the Huffington Post

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