UPDATE: Erin and Jason have been selected by a birth family and are awaiting placement.



As you get a glimpse of our lives through this book, we hope you see the love we have for each other and the excitement we have for bringing a child into our family.

When we think of everything adoption will bring to our lives, it creates an overwhelming feeling of happiness and fulfillment in our hearts. It has been quite a journey for us through infertility and longing to have a family, but these special circumstances have challenged our strength and prepared us to make this very important decision.

It is a struggle to find words to express the depth of gratitude and emotion we feel as we try to write this note. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as you make this incredibly powerful decision. We know we will never understand the courage it takes to make this truly selfless choice. We have a sincere respect for you and keep you in our thoughts. More than anything, we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, security and joy we can offer.

Saying thank you barely seems like enough, but we want you to know we have a strong appreciation for you and your bravery as you consider our family. We hope you will find something in us that will bring comfort to your heart for your baby’s future.

Erin and Jason

About Us

IMG_0762 (1)We were both born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago…Erin in the north and Jason in the west. We met ten years ago in the gym of Jason’s school where Erin was working as an aide to a special education student. There was an instant chemistry that developed into a relationship over the next several months. Four years later, we wouldn’t let a flood and a little rain stop us as we got married in a beautiful ceremony on July 24, 2010.

We live on the north side of Chicago filling our days exploring our wonderful city together and spending time with our friends and family. We know our lives are about to change in a wonderful way, and we look ahead with such excitement to days spent at parks, weekends snuggling and reading on the couch, and simple strolls around the neighborhood.

photo-1-11We are overjoyed to build the family we have always wanted through adoption. We truly cannot wait to share our life adventures with our kids!

Why I know Erin will be a great mother (written by Jason)

IMG_1195 (3)After seeing the great qualities my mother had while I was growing up, I knew what I was looking for in a wife and I was lucky to find it in Erin. Erin anticipates the needs of our family before we even have then. Her selflessness and loyalty towards those she cares deeply for and what she is passionate about are qualities I believe will nurture our child’s life. She is assertive and committed to making plans and accepting detours along the way, which has created a strong resilient character and quiet confidence in everything she does. Throughout our relationship, there has been a sense of exploration and openness to new experiences which I know will continue with a child in our life. In fact, I believe Erin has been preparing and learning how to be a great mother her whole life.

Erin is a lover of life in its simplest forms. Better than being inspiring. Her presence is comforting and compassionate which makes everyone around her feel safe and secure.

Erin’s Favorites

IMG_1256 (1)Baking my favorite blueberry oatmeal cookies

Cooking up random creations for dinner in the kitchen

Hot vanilla lattes

Pilates and Yoga

Dinners and conversations with close friends

Family time playing games

Roaming our beautiful city in the summer

Why I know Jason will be an amazing dad (written by Erin)

IMG_1265 (1)I promise you, in our home, there will not be a moment for boredom. I can make this promise because my life so far with Jason has been filled to the brim with unique experiences. Jason uses his wonderfully creative mind to make sure those around him are laughing and having fun while thinking..are we actually doing this right now…Jason has a warmth to his personality that naturally encourages others to open up to him. I can confidently say that our child will have an attentive listener in Jason. He or she can expect he will talk to them without judgment and with open honesty. Jason will support our child in whatever passion motivates him or her. Whether that means coaching a sports team, going to music recitals or finding good books to read. Our family will always come first for Jason.

I admire Jason because he is caring, thoughtful and wise. Jason loves family time and is deeply invested in growing ours. Our journey toward parenthood has been long and challenging, but Jason has remained constantly positive building my strength and optimism.

Jason’s Favorites

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy job! I love what I teach and coach

Learning and playing board games


Reducing stress with pool and soccer leagues

Exploring new music artist and restaurants

Reading non-fiction books

Listening to the most interesting podcasts


Erin teaches third grad in Chicago Public Schools and Jason teaches physical education and wellness in a suburb outside of the city. As teachers, our hearts are filled with the joy and laughter children bring every day. We patiently wait for the day when we can bring that same happiness into our home.


We take full advantage of our summers off 2015-07-28-09-26-57and are excited to see new places together as a family!



If you’d like to learn more about Erin and Jason, contact us at 800-baby-mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org.