Matt and Cassie are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!



Thanks for wanting to learn a little more about us. We are a young, active couple ready to expand our family through adoption and are excited to watch a child grow in our home. We recognize this decision to choose someone else to parent your child could be very difficult, but we appreciate your consideration. We hope through this book we show our loving, affectionate, and sometimes goofy selves and give you a better understanding of what our life is like.

Our Story

We were lucky to find each other early in life, and have had the opportunity to grow together through various moves, jobs, and Cassie’s mission to finish her master’s degree. We knew early in our relationship that adoption was our plan and we are excited to finally start this journey. Our family is extremely supportive and thrilled to have another baby around.

Meet Matt:

pg6Age: 29

Education: some college

Occupation: Project manager for a logistics company

Favorite season: football (fall)

Favorite food: Pasta

Matt is the youngest of two boys and grew up in southern Indiana. He comes from a large extended family who are very supportive and lots of fun! In his spare time, you can find Matt playing with our pets, watching sports with friends, or learning new recipes since he is the family chef.

Meet Cassie:

pg7Age: 29

Education: Master’s degree in social work

Occupation: Social worker – outpatient counselor for adolescents

Favorite season: fall

Favorite food: pizza!

Cassie is the youngest of three kids, one older brother and one older sister. She is incredibly close with her mom, and also comes from a large extended family. In Cassie’s spare time, she enjoys jogging, catching up on her favorite TV shows, and eating whatever Matt wants to try to cook!

Our relationship

pg10We met while we were both working our way through college in the restaurant industry. Matt would often visit the restaurant that Cassie worked at and we got to know each other through mutual friends. After a few meetings, Matt finally worked up the courage to ask Cassie out and she happily accepted!

After dating for two years, we moved from Kentucky to Illinois so Cassie could enroll in a Master’s program and Matt could pursue new job opportunities. The following year, on the 94th floor of the Hancock Tower in Chicago, Matt proposed, Cassie dropped the ring, and said YES!

pg4Our wedding was everything we could have hoped for. We were surrounded by lots of friends and family, and Cassie’s aunt officiated the ceremony, which made it all the more special for us. Since adoption has always been our plan, we asked for donations in lieu of wedding gifts, and set up a book for our guests to leave messages for our future baby. The support we received was incredible, and we’re very lucky to have such caring friends and family.

Since our Big Day

pg5Since getting married, we have been busy enjoying our new life together. Cassie has graduated from her master’s program and Matt has been moving up the ranks at his work. We have been able to visit friends and family out of state, as well as have family spend some time with us at home. We’ve been busy making home improvements, working on our nursery, and finding fun activities to do outside — like zip lining! We love trying out new things and are always looking for adventures to go on together! 

Cassie’s thoughts on Matt

I am honestly amazed as how much grace and kindness Matt shows on a daily basis, not only towards me, but also to complete strangers. He has been incredibly supportive throughout various challenges in our relationship and is quick to remind me how special I am to him. In addition to all these wonderful things, he’s also a blast to hang out with! Matt has a great sense of humor and can always find a way to make me laugh. Its also pretty nice that we share a love for sports (mainly football) and that he quickly learned how I take my coffee. Honestly, I am so proud to be Matt’s wife. I cannot wait to see what our future together holds and am so happy to be spending my life with my best friend.

Matt’s thoughts on Cassie

pg1-2Cassie it the best things in my life, by far. I really can’t believe that she agreed to marry me! I am impressed by her drive, determination, and her heart on a daily basis. She has the kindest soul I’ve ever met. I’ve seen her buy a tent and sleeping bag for a less fortunate man instead of simply giving a dollar. I’ve seen the struggles that working in social work places on her and every day I see her go back to help those who need it. she inspires me on a daily basis and pushes me to be better without even knowing it. I love that she is so close to her mom and know that she will be the most amazing mother. Cassie definitely has a dry sense of humor and she cracks me up regularly. As I sit to write this, I realize I could keep going on and on about her. We always joke about which of us is the “lucky one” but the truth is I really do feel like the luckiest person in the word to have met such an indescribably amazing and beautiful woman as Cassie.


pg8Milton, our 7-year-old cat

Mighty Mouse our 3-year-old mix

Daisy, our 9-year-old jack-a-poo

All three love meeting new friends and are VERY snuggly!!!

Our friends, most of whom are a lot more like family, are all so wonderful! We enjoy going to festivals in the city, trying out new restaurants, or binge-watching a Netflix series.


We are a sports family!

Football season at our house is filled with friends, cookouts, and a little healthy competition in our fantasy league. We try to tend at least a couple games each year, whether it be football, baseball or hockey. It is common in our families to have a sports memorabilia room at home and we love adding to ours!

Nieces and Nephews

We’ve been lucky enough to watch some of these little ones grow up into great young adults, and the other ones are busy being adorable at ages 9 and 2!

Our neighborhood and community

pg12We live in the west suburbs of Chicago, which means we are only a short train ride from the city, but we also have tons of family-friendly activities right near our home! These are just a few of the parks, trails and zoos near up; there’s even a middle school down the street.

Thank you!

pg13We appreciate the time you have taken to learn more about us and we look forward to the chance to meet you! It is our hope that the little miss or mister stays curious, finds their passion, learns to love others unconditionally, and understands the relationship we have with you. Matt is looking forward to putting in a basketball hoop and Cassie can’t wait to teach someone else how to garden. Family outings will be the norm and we are thrilled to support at sports games, concerts, academic competitions or whatever excites them! We are ready to teach them as little or as much about you as you’d like and are open to talking more about that if you think we are the right fit. Thanks again for taking a glimpse into our life and we wish you all the best on this journey.

If you’d like to learn more about Matt and Cassie, contact us at 800-baby-mom or