Jon and Brittany are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!


Dear expectant mom,

We know that this is the hardest decision you’ll ever have to make. We admire you for having the courage and strength to consider adoption. You are bravely giving your child the gift of life and a beautiful future.

In our family, your baby would be loved and cared for so much. Our home is happy, stable and loving. For years we have wanted to become parents but have been unable to. We are so thankful that you’re considering giving us this incredible gift. We have so much love to offer your child and we can’t wait to be a mom and dad!

We want you to be a part of your child’s life and we have every intention of keeping in contact with you in the way you feel most comfortable with. We are committed to staying in touch through things like pictures, letters, a private blog, Facebook or annual visits. You will always be an important part of who your baby is.

Jonathan and Brittany 

Our Story

The beginning (by Brittany) 

unspecified-8We were introduced 11 years ago, by Jon’s cousin who worked with me (Brittany) at a salon. When Jon’s hair stylist went on maternity leave, I was the one scheduled to cut Jon’s hair. The communication was effortless; it was as if we had known each other for years. Our relationship has always been full of fun. The first time Jon asked me out was at a Cub’s game and that was just the beginning of many great dates together. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other better ice skating, bowling, hitting at the batting cages and going downtown to the city. We dated for two years.

The proposal (by Jon)
unspecified-6Christmas morning Brittany woke up to a little box in her stocking with a card. She opened the card first and it led her to believe that I wanted to propose to her. But when she opened the box, inside she found a giant Hershey kiss..not a ring. She looked at me, shocked! Then, I really did pull out the ring and proposed to her. We were engaged for two years and then we were married at sunset on a beautiful beach in Florida. We’ve now been married for a little over seven years.

We love:

Sporting events, concerts, riding bikes, walking our dogs, hiking, weekend getaways, time with friends, kayaking.


unspecified-1My husband, Jon, is a lot of fun to be around. He is a funny guy who can always make me smile. I’m thankful for the way he is so patient, thoughtful and understanding. He’s a good friend; he is quick to help anyone who can use an extra hand.

Jon is an electrical lineman and works Monday-Thursday with the weekends off. He’s a very hard worker an does well at his job. He is a well-rounded guy; he knows how to work hard while keeping family first.

Kids love to play with Jon, like he’s a big kid himself! All of our friends have children that we are often around and they have a great time with Jon. His two young nephews and my little sisters have a great time with “Uncle Jon.” He enjoys teaching them how to do things like playing sports, Legos and video games. Kids love him! Whether they need him to help them with something or just want him to play with them, children gravitate towards Jon.


unspecifiedMy wife is the kind of woman that people love to be around. She’s full of energy, passion and a beautiful combination of sensitive and strong. I’m thankful to have a wife who is so considerate of others and quick to forgive. She is also loyal and reliable; I know I can always count on Brittany. She’s very active and would rather be outside having fun than sitting still.

Brittany is around children a lot and she loves being with them. She enjoys spending time with them, listening to things they like to talk about, and doing things they enjoy. She is nurturing and playful, always ready to join in their fun by riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, and playing games. She’s quick to listen to whatever they want to share with her (right now, one of our nephews is really into dinosaurs and he’s been teaching her all about them). Brittany loves books and she cannot wait to spend time reading with our child.

Brittany is a wonderful cosmetologist and her clients love her. She’s got a flexible schedule and it’s very family-friendly. When the baby comes, Brittany will be home every day but Saturday (when I am home).

Brittany’s Favorites

unspecified-3Color: Mint

Dessert: Cheesecake

Movie: The Blindside

Book: Nicholas Sparks Books

Season: Summer

Hobby: Fitness Classes

Holiday: Christmas

Vacation Spot: The Beach

Sport: Baseball


Jon’s Favorites

unspecified-2Color: Blue

Dessert: S’mores

Movie: Of Mice and Men

Book: Purpose Driven Life

Season: Fall

Hobby: Detailing Cars

Holiday: Christmas

Vacation Spot: The Beach

Sport: Baseball

Extended Family

unspecified-4Our family is supportive of our adoption and they are excited for us to become parents!

Jon’s father passed in 2001. His mom and step father have been married for 17 years and live in Indiana. She has three kids and he has one. Together they share four grandchildren. Jon’s brother is a widower and the father of two sons. Jon’s sister has one child. Jon’s step-sister and her husband have one son who is three years old.

Brittany’s mom and her fiancée live nearby and have been together for 17 years. Brittany’s Dad and step-mother also live nearby and have been married for 26 years. They have two daughters, both of whom were adopted.

unspecified-7We have three dogs — Wilson and Charlie who are puggles (pug and beagle mixes) and Hank who is a Golden doodle. All three dogs have great temperaments and are very family-oriented dogs. They love children.

We love to be with our families and on holidays we take turns with both sides of our families. Traditionally we spend Christmas Eve with Jon’s family and Christmas Day we spend with Brittany’s side. On New Year’s Eve we get together with family or close friends. Every year for our anniversary we go out of town to celebrate. And to celebrate Brittany’s birthday each year, we go to Opening Day for the White Sox.

Our Home

unspecified-5We live in a spacious ranch-style home with three bedrooms and two baths in a newer neighborhood. Our yard is fenced in and will be a great area for the little one to play.

Our community is somewhat diverse. Our school district ranks in the top 50 in the state. We have many parks, tennis courts, baseball fields, and soccer fields. Close by right outside of town there is a recreation center that offers a lot of activities for children, including a pool. It’s a wonderful community to raise a family in.

Our Future

unspecified-5As we think about our future, the most important thing to us is being together and being parents. We look forward to making many memories together as a family like taking a lot of family vacation. We may relocate at some point to a more populated city and may invest in a vacation home.


Church will be a part of our child’s upbringing. We will teach them to have faith in God, respect, responsibility, compassion, kindness, honesty, integrity, self control and loyalty. unspecified-8Our large church is five minutes from home. It is very welcoming to everyone and the people there are very genuine and kind.


We plan to send our child to public school. We live in a strong school district and it will provide an excellent education. When the time comes, we will encourage our child to pursue their dreams through college. We will teach them to make goals and help them achieve them, as well as support them financially while they do so.

If you’d like to learn more about Jon and Brittany, contact us at 800-baby-mom or