UPDATE: Katie and Isaac have been selected by a birth family and are awaiting placement.


A note from us…

Thanks for learning more about us! I hope you find it transparent, fun and an adequate snapshot of our family. We are praying for you in your big decision of choosing a family for your baby. Choosing adoption must leave you with mixed emotions, but we hope you can find a family that meets your needs and gives you peace for the life of your child.

We come from a family of several adopted children and think adoption is a beautiful thing. Isaac’s three siblings are adopted and Maya, our three-year-old, is adopted from Nicaragua. We always tell Maya that her birth mom was a brave and selfless woman to choose life for Maya. We pray for her often, though we don’t know who she is or what her current situation is in Nicaragua. We look forward to having an open and honest relationship with this domestic adoption of our third baby.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our family. We aren’t perfect, there is a lot of chaos in our home with two kids, but we also have a ton of love and lots of fun in our house.


Katie & Isaac

Maya Rose Stats:

pretty-mayaAge three, sleeps in a big girl bed, was recently potty trained, loves cooking, watches Frozen on a daily basis, loves music, and recently stopped napping!

Maya was adopted from Nicaragua. We picked her up at two weeks old and lived in the country for five months completing the adoption. We love speaking Spanish and learning about her country. We recently went back in February to visit Nicaragua for the first time in three years. We were greeted at O’Hare airport by family in June 2013 when we brought Maya home. We moved into a new house, then found out I was pregnant three weeks later! We feel God wanted us to have Maya as part of our family. We cannot imagine life without her.

Georgia Ann Stats:

georgiajammiesAge 2, a “pie” baby because she was born 3/14/14, loves Elmo and Curious George, does not stop moving, very athletic, the messiest eater on the face of the earth, loves playing outside and getting messy, currently into hide-and-seek in her curtains and sleeping with 10 stuffed animals in her bed.

We call Georgia our “beautiful disaster” because she is always a mess but is a beautiful little girl! She is one tough cookie. Our pediatrician said she looks like she will be a gymnast and unfortunately sees a few trips to the ER with Georgia because she is always climbing on things and has no fear of anything.

The Man of the House – Isaac

isaacgirlsnicaraguaIsaac always says, “I’ve got too many girls in this house to take care of!” He loves all his girls. When he can get a break, he enjoys golfing, playing soccer, going to Spanish concerts, watching sports, grilling out, and traveling. He is caring, smart, goofy and an involved dad and my best friend. He works for an investment firm in sales.

Isaac and I met in college and both played soccer. He majored in Spanish, which came in handy when we traveled to Nicaragua. He has a heart for Latin America and for helping people who are in a hard spot in life. He also is loyal. He has two best friends from high school he still talks with on a weekly basis.

Isaac grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and has three siblings. Amelia lives in Chattanooga, Fabienne lives in Atlanta, and Anselmo lives in Chicago.

Isaac and I met in my freshman year art survey class and became close friends right away. We began dating the second half of the year. He had a head of curly hair and wore sweatpants to every class. I knew he was the guy I would marry soon after we began dating. He proposed to me on the top of Camelback Mountain in Arizona. We are celebrating nine years of marriage this year.


mobachohikingMom, traveler, cook and “risk” taker…well, sometimes. Wrapping an anaconda around my neck in Peru was about as crazy as I get! Yikes!!

I grew up in Wayne, IL and have an older brother, Nick, and an older sister, Jenny. My hobbies are cooking, running, hiking and traveling. Maya and Georgia like to cook with me in the kitchen and I try to get them involved as much as possible. Last fall I ran the Fox Valley Half Marathon. This year I also ran a race on the Forth of July and the girls cheered me on.

A note from Isaac: Katie is an excellent embodiment of biblical love for our family. She shows me (her husband) and our two daughters patience, support, comfort, encouragement and forgiveness on a daily basis. She is extremely task-oriented and drive so she consistently has her family and house in order. Our family is extremely lucky to have great meals often as Katie loves cooking for us and other people. She loves to host guests and extends the same love and hospitality that she gives to us towards friends and strangers alike. While life has ups and downs, Katie is consistent in her love and care for our family and that provides a wonderful example to each of us.

Isaac’s Family

So much to say about this unique family! Janice and Greg (Nana and Poppi) live in Chattanooga, TN. Isaac’s siblings are all adopted both domestically and internationally. Isaac’s family is a close knit, Christian family and enjoy gathering for a big vacation every two years at the beach. It is fun to see Maya and Georgia have a close relationship with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Nana and Poppi came with us in February to Nicaragua. Poppi is an avid runner and professor of public health. Nana was an art teacher and enjoys renovating houses and traveling. We FaceTime every week with them and schedule trips to see them every few months. This year we have a big family trip in July to Florida with the whole extended family.

Last summer we went to Amelia Island and rented a house with Isaac’s sister’s family. We are very close to them. They adopted their youngest daughter, Harper, from the state of Georgia when she was one month old!

Katie’s Family

Last year we splurged for a family portrait for my dad’s 65th birthday. I guess when we have a new baby, we will need to get them re-done! My brother Nick and his wife Beatriz live in L.A. and have a son Enzo. My sister Jenny and her husband Luke live right down the street and have four kids: Nora, Erik, Dane and Britta. We are a Christian family and enjoy spending time together.

Papa Frank has an investment firm company and enjoys golfing, traveling, spending time with grandkids, and the Chicago Cubs. Nana Judy loves spending time with grandkids, traveling to Arizona, and getting together with her book club. We see them on a daily basis because they live just one mile from our house.

Cousin time is the best. Maya and Georgia are blessed to have wonderful cousins to grow up with in both families! My niece, Britta, is 6 weeks younger than Maya and we get to see her almost every day.


Isaac and I love to travel and we have continued our love for traveling even as our family has grown. Nana Judy and Papa Frank have a house in Scottsdale, Arizona and Nana Janice and Poppi Greg have a house in Paso Robles, California. We want our kids to experience both places as they grow up.

We went to Nicaragua this year for vacation. Pictured above is a family picture from the beach three months after Georgia was born. Upper left is the adventure Isaac and I took to Peru before we had kids. We hope our girls grow up learning about different places, people an culture to know that God made everyone unique and in His image. We hope to continue to travel as we add another child to our family!

Isaac’s Favorites

(At least Maya finds Daddy’s jokes funny!)

Favorite movie: Braveheart/Robin Hood Disney movie
Favorite Bible verse: Lamentations 3:22-23
Favorite junk food: Sour Patch Kids
Favorite sport: Soccer and Golf
Favorite place you have traveled: Machu Picchu in Peru
One place you would like to visit someday: Hawaii
Best childhood memory: Family trips to California cross country every summer
Favorite restaurant: Al Tiro Latin Fusion
Favorite sports team: All Atlanta teams (Braves, Hawks, Falcons)
Dream car: Ford F150 4 door
Favorite cereal: Fruit Loops
Favorite book: 100 years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez
Best birthday memory: My 30th when my wife surprised me after she had been sick
One thing you love about Maya: Her sweetness
One thing you love about Georgia: Her combination of intensity and silliness­­­

“Mom, it’s your turn!” Ok, here are a few of my favorites!

Favorite movie: Father of the Bride
Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 103
Favorite junk food: Peanut M&Mx
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite place you have traveled: Rome, Italy
One place you would like to visit someday: Australia
Best childhood memory: My grandparents’ cabin in Upper Peninsula Michigan
Favorite restaurant: Bien Trucha (Mexican)
Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs
Dream car: Ferrari
Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms
Favorite book: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
Best birthday memory: Isaac throwing me a massive surprise 30th w/ private chef!
One thing you love about Maya: Her amazing curly hair and beautiful brown eyes
One thing you love about Georgia: Hearing her sing Jesus Loves Me at night in bed

katieisaac460A typical day in the life of our family could include the girls “Mom and Tots” gymnastics class, playing in the backyard, riding bikes, and blowing bubbles.

Here is our house, church and annual Easter picture. We go to a Christian church and attend the Latino service that is preached in English. We enjoy interacting with different people and cultures, especially after adopting Maya.

Thanks for taking a look at our family! The Bee and the Lamb look forward to a new sibling soon!


If you’d like to learn more about Isaac and Katie, contact us at 800-baby-mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org.