UPDATE: Lynn and Scott are matched with a birth mother and are awaiting placement.


Hi! We’re Scott and Lynn. Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. We admire your courage and strength, and hope this portrayal of our life through words and photographs will give you an accurate image of who we are and the kind of parents we would be to your child.

We both grew up in fun and caring homes surrounded with unconditional love. We are dedicated to providing that same strong foundation filled with love and laughter.

We have been blessed in so many ways and we hope and pray we will soon be blessed with a child to love and cherish. We promise to always strive to provide a loving, stable home with lots of family and friends to surround and love him or her.

Our love and prayers,
Scott & Lynn

We promise to:

Unconditionally Love your child each and every day forever

Respect you as his or her birthparent(s)

Show them honesty, generosity and compassion by living that way as a family

Protect them from harm

Support them in their dreams

Our Story

enhance-1Welcome to our book about us. We hope you will be able to get to know us a little better along this journey!

We are excited to welcome a little one into our home and guide them into becoming an amazing adult!

We met in 2002 at Lynn’s salon of all places! We became great friends and dated for several years. We married in 2010. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to raise a family, as we both grew up in loving homes, and wanted to share that same experience with our children.

Why We Are Choosing Adoption

enhanceWe always knew we wanted to have children and have tried to get pregnant since 2010. Although failed infertility and surrogacy were difficult to deal with, we never gave up our hopes and dreams of having a family. Scott and I have so much support from our friends and family, including Scott’s aunt and cousin, who both have children they were blessed to adopt. We have realized God has been preparing us all along for adoption – conceiving a child in our hearts. We are ready to receive God’s blessing, and we believe you are part of His plan for our lives.

Our View on Openness

enhanceYour child will always know where he or she came from, what makes them who they are, and how much they are loved!

Love for your child has brought us all together. We realize that you may be feeling a little uncertain about what an open adoption may look like — we are, too. We hope to be able to build a relationship with you that you are comfortable with through emails, phone calls, texts and/or visits. None of us may know what that relationship looks like now because we realize it is like any other relationship — something that grows into what it is supposed to be.

We respect that this decision and process may be difficult and we want you to know we are committed to doing what is best for your child. We want to make sure your child will always know who they are, where he or she came from, what makes them who they are, and how much they are loved!

What Diversity Means to Us

We live in a wonderfully diverse community in a suburb of Chicago. Our school system, church and neighborhood are all beautiful mixtures of cultures, races and ethnicities. We know any child will be able to identify with others and feel comfortable. We have many friends and family members of different cultures and races and look forward to introducing our child to their own and other culture.

We truly believe that adopting a child makes us an adoptive family, not a family with an adopted child.

Scott Shares About Lynn…

enhance-2Lynn is the most beautiful woman to me, both inside and out. Her compassion for others, her laughter, and big heart are just a few of the characteristics I love about her. I knew when I met her, I had found someone I wanted to share my life with.

More from Lynn…

I am blessed to have met Scott, as we balance each other out so well! We make a great team, which I feel is important in parenting. We are fortunate enough to be part of a church community that makes church fun for kids! I believe our faith, stable relationship and love will help us to be wonderful parents!

Lynn enjoys snuggling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and Bella, of course!

Lynn also enjoys camping with family and friends, cooking ew recipes and exercising with her friends.

Lynn Shares About Scott…

enhance-4Scott is a very friendly, honest, and positive person with a very generous heart. He has such a great sense of humor…he always makes me laugh! He has such a passion for life, and lives his life to the fullest each day.

I knew Scott was an exception man when I met him…I feel blessed every day, and honored to spend my life with him.

More from Scott…

Lynn and I know we can count on each other no matter what. Our communication, our friends, faith, love and commitment to each other is what has made our marriage successful. Family is everything to us! I am thankful every day that we have such an amazing and supportive family.

enhance-3Scott loves mountain biking, playing basketball, camping and kite boarding

Scott also enjoys coaching our niece’s softball team and reading anything about science and astrology.

Our Family

familyFamily means the world to us! We are blessed that we live close to each other, as we get together every weekend and regularly vacation together.

And Loved Ones…

Our friends are like family to us…We are great support to each other.

We have lots of family and friends who are waiting to welcome this new little person into our circle of love.

dogOur Fur Baby Bella

Our Neighborhood and Home

Our neighborhood is very diverse, with plenty of fun activities for families!

Our Work

enhance-2Scott: I work as an auto mechanic for a large dealership only 25 minutes from our home. I have always enjoyed working on cars, it’s such a passion of mine.

Lynn: I own a hair salon in a neighboring city, only 20 minutes from our home. What I lovemost about enhance-5my career is that I have the
opportunity to make people look and feel better about themselves. I have known my clients for many years, and they have become great friends of mine. I feel blessed that I have a flexible schedule and can adjust it to fit our family.

Five things Lynn Loves About Scott

  1. His generous heart
  2. His Dependability. You can always count on Scott
  3. His humor. He always makes me laugh
  4. His mind. He is one of the smartest people I know!
  5. His love of life, faith and positive attitude

Five things Scott Loves About Lynn

  1. enhance-6Her closeness with her family and friends
  2. Her faith and love of life
  3. Her love of sports. She loves watching games with me!
  4. Her desire to help others in need
  5. Her laughter. We love to laugh!

“For this child we have prayed and the Lord answered our prayers.” 1 Samuel 1:27

Looking forward

We have been blessed in so many ways and we hope and pray we will soon be blessed with a child to love and cherish. We promise to always strive to provide a loving, stable home with lots of family and friends to surround and love him or her.

Our love and prayers,

Scott and Lynn



If you’d like to learn more about Lynn and Scott, contact us at 800-baby-mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org.