UPDATE: Daniel and Olga are matched with a child!


I’m Daniel, an electrical engineer, and I’m Olga, a second grade dual-language teacher with a master’s degree in reading. We also have two small dogs named Choco and Chespi. It’s nice to meet you. We invite you to flip through these pages and get a glimpse into our lives. You will find that we love traveling and are close to our families. We also love going to the Cubs games. I, Dan, personally enjoy cooking and home improvement projects. My favorite is making pizza from scratch, which I learned from my dad. I, Olga, enjoy running and kickboxing. We both love reading books, especially on the beach. We are very excited at the possibility of welcoming your baby into our loving family. There are no words that we can write here to express how truly grateful we are for your sacrifice. All we can say is thank you, and hope you can take comfort in knowing your child will be raised in a loving and stable home.


dscn6535My wife is Olga. She is energetic, adventurous and loves to read. As an educator she works diligently in reaching every young mind’s potential. She is an intelligent, easy going and loving individual with a great sense of humor. I know that I can always count on her to make me laugh and life my spirits. She has so much to offer and will make a compassionate mother.


dscn6540This is my husband Daniel, I call him Dan. Dan is a very hands-on individual. He enjoys cooking for our annual “Pizza Party” for our friends and family. Dan loves working on projects around the house, no project is too hard for him. His smile lights up any room. He is a warm, kind-hearted and romantic husband. I can depend on him. He has so much to cd-img-4fff1462dd40boffer and will make a great dad!


Dan has 3 brothers, 4 nieces and 3 nephews.

We enjoy having family dscn1696dinners, movie nights or just hanging out.

Olga has 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 5 nephews and 2 nieces. Yes, we are a whole lot of fun! We enjoy dancing, eating and karaoke nights.


Our dog Choco is a 5 lb shih-poo. He is playful and is always ready for a nap.

Our dog Chespi is a 10 lb toy poodle. He is always ready to say hello.


Our living room is where we spend most of our time. We have put a lot of love into creating a welcoming home.

Many great meals have been cooked in both our kitchen and backyard.


dscn4607We love to travel and have visited many places around the world. We enjoy learning about other countries and their culture and can’t wait to bring our child along.

Dan and I have been traveling to  Mexico since we were very young. Now, we go about every 2-3 years to the dsc01210beaches in Mexico or to visit family. We continue to learn about our culture and ancestry. We are excited to bring our child along to explore our heritage.

Thank you for taking a peek into our life!


If you’d like to learn more about Daniel and Olga, contact us at 800-baby-mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org.