Anthony and Cyndi are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Expecting Parents, 

We have written this letter over and over again. We want this letter to be filled with assurances, love, compassion and honor. We have a deep compassion for where you may be at right now reading these words, but also know we are very excited to invite a new child into our family and provide them with love and care. When people ask us why we want to adopt when we already have biological children, we honestly say because our heart breaks at the thought of a child needing a home. And God has blessed us with space in our hearts and home to welcome another child in. 

As birth parents, you will hold a place of honor in our family, for your courage and selflessness in wanting to provide what is best for your baby. Your child will always know where they came from, and that they are loved by their birth and adopted parents. 

We promise our home will always be a place of comfort and refuge, where they will be welcomed no matter their path in life. Our home will be a place where they will experience diversity. We promise to expose our children to people and cultures different than our own, so they can see the beauty and wisdom in all of God’s creation. Our home will be filled with compassion for our fellow man, so our children will learn to help those in need and share in the blessings God has given us. Our house will value education, but will tailor that education to meet the need of each child, so their knowledge will grow out of encouragement and not shame. Our home will be a place where laughter will fill the house with joy. Our home will be a place of peace, where we will teach our children how to handle life’s frustrations with grace and mercy. 

But most of all, our home will be a place where they will not just be told that God loves them, but they will know it by how we love them. 

It would be our incredible honor to be the adoptive parents to your child. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about our family. We look forward to meeting you. 

With love, 

Cyndi and Anthony


About Us

On Labor Day weekend in 2002 we met at a dance club in Washington, DC, and we’ve been dancing ever since. Five years to the day we met, we got married in Negril, Jamaica surrounded by 40 of our closest friends and family.

We love to laugh, travel, discover new places, watch sports together, encourage each other spiritually, and spend time with family and friends.

One value we hold dear as a couple is quality time with one another. We believe the best gift we can give our children is a close relationship with each other. Whether it be a regular date night, weekend getaway, or even having our dinner after the kids go to bed, you can be sure we take the time to reconnect with one another.


About our Family

Becoming parents has been one of the most rewarding journeys of our lives.  Our kids have taught us so much about ourselves and how to love others better.  They give us a sense of fulfillment and joy that nothing else can match.  We have 3 biological children together, Ayden (10), Josslynn (8) and Isabella (6).  Brandon (24), is Anthony’s son from a previous relationship.  We can promise you that your child will have siblings who will love, encourage, protect, challenge, laugh, and cry with them. Quality family time is extremely important to us.

We have regular family game nights, nightly family dinners, random dance parties in the kitchen, we cook together, play outside together, try science experiments, have family movie nights, go to church together, and explore all the city has to offer.

About Anthony (Written By Cyndi)

Anthony is an incredible father and husband. He loves his kids with a unique love that lets each one know they are special to him. Whether it’s playing basketball with Ayden, kicking a soccer ball with Joss, reading with Bella, or watching sports with Brandon, he has a special activity with each one. I also love how he models what a good man is to our kids. Every year he takes the girls out on a date to show them how they should be treated by a man. He also takes our boys out for “guy talks” where he takes the time to share his life experiences with them. He also loves me so well, supporting my dreams and providing opportunities to follow them. He is the most adventurous hard working guy I know. As a medical sales rep he works incredibly hard to provide us with amazing opportunities in life. His job has taken him all over the world. He has been to the deserts in China, to the Kremlin in Russia, and to the beaches of the Bahamas. He zeal for life is also contagious. We can go into any establishment and he will likely walk out with a new friend.

5 Things You Should Know About Anthony
1) He served in the Navy for 9 years
2) He loves working out
3) God and family are extremely important to him
4) He is from Maryland
5) His perfect vacation would be on a beach somewhere

About Cyndi (Written By Anthony)

Cyndi is a very devoted wife and mother.  I truly appreciate the way she loves and takes care of everyone in our household.  Cyndi is a stay at home mom, and is very involved at our kids’ school.  She does crafts and science projects at random with our kids, and is their biggest fan on their sports sidelines. Growing up her mom had a daycare center in their home, and she was homeschooled.  So she was raised with a ton of kids around, and learned early on skills many people learn when they become parents. As a wife she supports me in my career, my faith, and my dreams.  She challenges me to be the best I can be, but also is sure to let me know how much she appreciates me too.

5 Things You Should Know About Cyndi
1) She is from Virginia
2) She is an avid sports fan (basketball and football are her favorite sports to watch)
3) Her first job was as a babysitter for neighbors
4) Her relationship with God truly gives her peace and direction
5) She loves to cook and explore new foods or flavors


About Brandon

Brandon, who is Anthony’s son from a previous relationship, is 24 and lives in Detroit, MI with his mom, stepfather and siblings. Brandon is currently in college, but comes to visit every 3 months or so. He is an amazing big brother! When he is here you can typically find him in the backyard tossing a football with Ayden, kicking around the soccer ball with Josslynn, or cuddling with Bella. He is very excited about having another sibling to play with, and help guide through life.

5 Things About Brandon:
1) He is a big Philadelphia Eagles fan
2) He knows more sports stats than anyone we know
3) He loves going to the beach
4) He has worked at Disney World
5) He has 3 step brothers, and 3 step sisters between his two families

About Ayden

Ayden, who is 10, is an incredible kid. He is the kindest big brother, always looking out for his little sisters. He has a natural sense to care for others, and is a great encourager to his little sisters. Ayden’s teachers always comment on how well he behaves and is loved by his classmates. He has a welcoming charisma and charm, and has a deep sense of respect for his elders. He is most confident on a field of any kind. He enjoys playing basketball, flag football, and soccer. Ayden is excited to have another sibling to have fun with, and hopes to adopt so his new brother or sister will not feel lonely.

5 Things About Ayden
1) His favorite sport is basketball, Go Bulls!
2) His favorite food is steak
3) His perfect day would be going to Six Flags
4) Jimmy Butler, Stephen Curry and LeBron James are his favorite basketball players
5) His favorite board game is Monopoly

About Josslynn

Josslynn, who is 8, is our empathic and deep thinker. She is curious about everything, and wants to know both how and why everything works. Her wonder and understanding amazes us all the time. Josslynn also loves to cook, play soccer, draw, play with her stuffed animals, read her Bible, and play board games. Our sweet girl also has the gift and burden of empathy. She cares deeply for those in need. This past summer she began collecting items to give to people we see living on the streets. She truly cares about helping others. She is excited to adopt, and can’t wait to share all she knows with her new silibing.

5 Things About Josslynn
1) She loves doing both crafts and science experiments
2) Her perfect vacation would be on a beach
3) Her favorite board game is Monopoly
4) She loves beanie boos (stuffed animals)
5) Her favorite animal is a fox

About Isabella

Isabella, who is 6, is our social butterfly who has a flare for the humor and drama. She keeps us highly entertained, and typically in stitches over something witty she just said. Isabella is our little fish, who has been swimming on her own since she was three. She has always loved the water. Isabella also loves to sing, and can sing you the melody if not the words to most any song on the Top 20 pop charts. We see karaoke in her future for sure. 😉 She also loves sticker books, Barbies, our dog Jewels, and having playdates with her friends. Isabella is so excited to adopt, so she can be a big sister and help look after someone.

5 Things About Isabella
1) She loves to rock climb
2) Her perfect vacation would be at Granny’s farm feeding the chickens and cows
3) She loves to cuddle
4) Her favorite food is pizza
5) She loves to dress up and play make believe

Our Pets

Cali is a barn cat we got 12 years ago while visiting Cyndi’s family. She is one of our first babies before we had kids. She is not so sure about our dog, but she loves snuggling with Josslynn every night or “helping” us play board games.

Jewels is a rescue we got as a puppy from foster care 2 years ago. She was a gift to Anthony for Father’s Day, after he begged Cyndi for years for a new dog. She loves the kids, and is so playful but also gentle with them. Jewels is a very social puppy, and happily greets anyone who comes to visit.

Our Home

We live in a 5 bedroom, 5 bath, home in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our town has several parks, pools, top rated schools, every sport league you can think of, and is close enough to the city for us to pop in for lunch or dinner whenever we’d like it. Our town is one of the safest of all Chicagoland, and has activities throughout the year that instills a warm sense of community.

Our Extended Family

Miles may separate us, but we are able to travel and see everyone at least every 6 months. 

Anthony’s Mom & Sister: Grandma and Crystal both live in Maryland, and along with Anthony’s Aunt always join us for Christmas.

Anthony’s Dad: Granddad lives in Maryland, and loves to teach them karate and play all sorts of games with the kids.

Cyndi’s Brother & His Partner: Chris and Drew live in Virginia, and come to visit during the summer.  Their visits are always a highlight of our summers!

Cyndi’s Mom & Step Father: Granny and Papa live on an 125 acre farm in Virginia, and the kids love their summer week long trip to the farm.

Cyndi’s Sister & Brother-In-Law: Carol, Andy, and their kids live in Virginia.  It is always a special time when our kids get to spend time with their cousins!

Cyndi’s Sister & Brother-In-Law: Catie and Chris live in Virginia.  As a nurse and police officer they aren’t able to visit much, but when they do they spoil our kids rotten!

We both come from very large families, where cousins are more like siblings. As Cyndi’s grandmother would say, “We are truly blessed.”

Our Church

We are members of a very large non-denominational Christian church in Chicago. We love our church for it’s value to love everyone always. Our children attend the children’s activities on Sunday, while we attend the service. Cyndi also attends a weekly women’s Bible study to dive deeper into her relationship with God.

When it comes to teaching our kids about God. We have regular conversations with our kids about our faith when topics arise. While talking to our kids about God is important, we believe it is how we live out God’s love in our lives that will have the most impact on developing our children’s faith.

Summer Vacations

Every year we get away as a family to reconnect and relax with one another. Florida beaches are our favorite spots to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Providing Opportunities

As parents we want to expose our children to everything life has to offer. We believe it is through experiences and opportunities thatchildren are able discover and develop their God-given talents and skills. It is our joy to provide them with such opportunities, so they can confidently grow into the person God has created them to be.

Holiday Traditions

The holidays are times that we enjoy creating and celebrating family traditions.We love making the holidays special and magical for our kids. Most holidays we spend here in Chicago with Anthony’s Aunt and Uncle. For at least one holiday we make it back east to spend it with Anthony’s family. Anthony’s Mom is 1 of 8, so he has many aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins that we get to enjoy the holidays with.

The weekend before Christmas we travel to Virginia to spend time with Cyndi’s entire extended family. About 60 people gather together, and it is a great time for catch up and let the kids to run around with cousins.

If you’d like to learn more about Anthony and Cyndi, contact us at 800-Baby-Mom or