UPDATE: Tim and Miri are matched with a child!

Hello and thank you for looking at our profile!

We have been together since we were both 19, and have been blessed with two amazing girls (Lulu, age 12, and Agnes, age 8). We always felt as though we were meant to have three kids, and so, in 2012, we began our journey towards completing our family. It has been a longer and harder journey than we had anticipated, with five miscarriages and several failed fertility treatments. But we think that this must mean that the little person who will complete our family will come to us in a special, different way – that somewhere out there is a loving, brave, generous mom carrying a baby who is meant to come home to us. Perhaps you are that mom.

Please know that if you choose our family for your baby, all four of us will love, adore, and cherish this child forever, and not a day will go by that we are not grateful to you. 

With love,

Tim and Miri

Tim & Miri

We met in college, through mutual friends, when we were 18 years old. One Thursday, we ended up skipping class and spending the entire day walking around Milwaukee, talking nonstop. The next day, Tim went home and told his mom: “I’m going to marry that girl someday.” We started dating a short time after that, and got married when we were 24.

Tim works as a Chicago firefighter, and Miri is a part-time child psychologist. Life is fun with two kids, volunteering, and work. We try to squeeze in a date night at least once a week, even if that just means sitting on the couch and playing a game of chess, or listening to music and cooking a super late dinner after the kids are in bed.


Miri about Tim

Tim is a great husband and a wonderful father. He is kind, smart, funny, honest, and you can always count on him. It is important to him to make a difference in the world.

I love how gentle he is with the girls when they are scared or hurt, and how patient he is when he is teaching them something. He coaches their sports teams, reads them bedtime stories, and brings them their favorite candy if they’ve had a tough day. Any kid of his will always feel protected, encouraged, and loved.

Tim about Miri

Miri has a huge heart. She cares deeply for every living thing, but especially for our two girls. She is a wonderful mother and an amazing role model for our girls. She runs her own successful business that she built from the ground up, but never misses a chance to volunteer at school or spend time with the girls.

Miri and the girls do art projects, read together at bedtime (currently, they’re working their way through the Harry Potter series), and a couple of times each month, they bake goodies that the girls distribute to the neighbors.


Lulu is 12 years old. She loves animals, reading, writing, sewing, and horseback riding. She is imaginative and creative – this summer, Lulu and her best friends organized their very own backyard summer camp for the little kids in the neighborhood! She is a wonderful big sister and can’t wait to have another sibling to love!


Agnes is 8 years old. She is kind and sweet and funny, and she is very excited for a new sibling to join the family so she won’t be the littlest anymore. Agnes loves reading, going to baseball games, climbing trees, roller skating, soccer, and DONUTS.

Our Life

We live in a warm, sunny house on a quiet, tree-lined street in Chicago. From our house, we can walk to school, to two parks, an ice cream shop, and the houses of many friends. Our favorite thing about our neighborhood is how close-knit it is. The neighbors are always kind enough to shop at the girls’ lemonade stands, we have block parties every summer, and after school and on the weekends, the kids bounce from one back yard to the next. Our door is always open to our friends and on most days, there are several kids playing at our house. Everyone knows that we are waiting to adopt, and they are all so excited to welcome another kid to the block!

Chicago Family

This is our Chicago family! Tim’s mom lives about five minutes from us, Tim’s aunt and uncle live downtown, and our cousins live in Wilmette and Lake Bluff. All the aunts and cousins are already calling dibs on getting to hold a new baby!

Family in Germany

Mir’s family lives in Germany. We try to go to Europe to see them about every other year. Miri’s brother and his wife just had their first baby this May. Lulu and Agnes are excited to have a new cousin and they think that the baby we adopt will love having a same-aged cousin to play with at family gatherings!


Our friends are very important in our lives. We have a group of 13 families where the moms, dads, and kids are all friends. Two of the moms and three of the kids are adopted.

One thing we love about our group is how diverse it is and how much we learn from each other. We represent seven ethnicities and three religions, and speak four different languages (which makes playing Scrabble extra fun!) Everyone in our group of friends is so excited for our group to grow. Any little one who joined our family would always be well loved and taken care of by many parents and big kids.

We love art, cooking, reading, hiking, and skiing. Miri is really excited to take the baby to music classes. Tim is looking forward to teaching the baby how to ski and throw a baseball. And Lulu and Agnes want to teach the baby how to dance and make handprint turkeys!

Thank you for looking at our profile, and for considering us. Please know that if you choose our family, we will love your baby so very much. We will be forever grateful to you, and we will tell your baby about his or her special birth story from the very first day, so that he or she grows up always knowing exactly who you are. We would love to have a relationship with you if that’s something you are comfortable with. We hope that this profile has helped you feel like you know us a little bit, and hope that you might want to meet us in person.