Tim and Mirjam are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Hello and thank you for looking at our profile! Adoption is such an enormous act of love and bravery and generosity, and we know that whatever family you choose for your baby will have their lives enriched beyond measure. We have hoped and waited for a third child for over five years now. We love being parents, and our two daughters (Lulu and Agnes) love being sisters, and it would bring all four of us so much joy to be able to share our life and our happiness with another little soul. Please know that if you choose us, we will love and cherish your baby every day of his or her life. 

With love,

Tim and Mirjam

Tim & Mirjam

We met in college through mutual friends, when we were 18 years old, and ended up spending an entire day walking around Milwaukee, talking nonstop.  The next day, Tim went home and told his mom: “I’m going to marry that girl someday.” We started dating a short time afterward, and have been together ever since. We married at the age of 24, had Lulu when we were 27, and Agnes when we were 32.

Tim works as a firefighter, and Mir is a part-time child psychologist. Our relationship hasn’t changed much since the early days — it’s just a really easy friendship. We still talk for hours on end, and we’re still each other’s best friend.

Mirjam about Tim

I have known Tim for more than half my life, and I am so grateful that I get to share my life with him. I love him for many reasons – he is kind, smart, funny, and you can always count on him. He treats me with respect, and makes me laugh harder than anyone else I know. It’s important to him to make a difference in the world, and he stands up for what he believes in. He is a deeply honest person.

I love how gentle he is with the girls when they are scared or hurt, and how patient he is when he is teaching them something. The girls adore him. They love visiting him at the firehouse, and Lulu was so proud when he coached her basketball team. He and Lulu entered the Boy Scout pinewood derby last year and beat all of the boys!

Tim about Mirjam

Mirjam is my best friend. I would rather hang out with her than anybody else. She is the smartest person I know and she cares deep down for every living thing, but especially our two girls. She is a wonderful mother and an amazing role model for our daughters. She runs her own successful business that she built from the ground up, but never misses a chance to volunteer at school or spend time with the girls. They love to go to the library together and come home with piles of books.


Lulu is 11 years old. She’s a wonderful big sister. She has a big imagination, and loves to read and write her own stories. She loves animals. She is brave and speaks up when she sees things happening that are unfair. She plays volleyball and basketball, loves wood working and was recently in a play at school where she was a plate (the best dancing plate you’ve ever seen!). She also got to march in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.


Agnes is 6 years old. She is sweet and funny, and is kind to everyone. She also has a strong will and has her own opinions about everything! Agnes loves reading books about hamsters, baking banana bread, playing outside, climbing trees, drawing, floor hockey, playing hide and seek, sticker books, roller skating, and DONUTS.

Our Life

We live in a big, sunny house on a quiet, tree-lined street in Chicago. From our house, we can walk to school, two parks, our favorite ice cream shop, and the houses of many of our friends.

We believe that it is important for our children to always feel loved and safe, and for them to have a sense of joy and adventure for what the world has to offer. We read together every day, have family dinners whenever possible, do art projects together, go on bike rides, and spend time exploring the city. Fridays are family movie night, and on Sundays we have game night with friends. Our home is always open to our friends, and most days, there are several kids playing at our house. Everyone knows that we’ve started the adoption process, and they are all so excited to welcome another child to our neighborhood!

Chicago Family

This is our Chicago family! Tim’s mom lives about five minutes from us, Tim’s aunt and uncle live downtown, and our cousins live in Wilmette and Lake Bluff. All the aunts and cousins are already calling dibs on getting to hold a new baby!

Family in Germany

Mir’s family lives in Germany. We try to go to Europe to see them about every other year. Mirjam’s brother and his wife just had their first baby this May. Lulu and Agnes are excited to have a new cousin and they think that the baby we adopt will love having a same-aged cousin to play with at family gatherings!




Our friends are very important in our lives. We have a group of 13 families where the moms, dads, and kids are all friends. Two of the moms and three of the kids are adopted.

One thing we love about our group is how diverse it is and how much we learn from each other. We represent seven ethnicities and three religions, and speak four different languages (which makes playing Scrabble extra fun!) Everyone in our group of friends is so excited for our group to grow. Any little one who joined our family would always be well loved and taken care of by many parents and big kids.


We think that volunteering is really important so we volunteer with our friends several times per year. We’ve packed meals for kids across the globe, made care packages for the homeless, and painted a whole school!


Our girls love animals. They take good care of our two dogs and spend a week each summer at farm camp.


We love to travel. In the last few years, we’ve visited Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, France, England, and Ireland. But Agnes’ favorite place in the world is…Jump Zone!


We love art, cooking, reading, hiking, and skiing. Mirjam is really excited to take the baby to music classes. Tim is looking forward to teaching the baby how to ski and throw a baseball. And Lulu and Agnes want to teach the baby how to dance and make handprint turkeys!

Thank you for looking at our book and considering us!

If you’d like to learn more about Tim and Mirjam, contact us at 800-Baby-Mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org