Kevin & Bethany

UPDATE: Kevin and Bethany are matched with a child!


We are so thankful that our paths have crossed today. We recognize this incredibly brave decision you’ve made and we are honored for you to consider us as adoptive parents. We believe so strongly that everything happens for a reason! Our hearts are so full with the life we’ve built to this day, but words can’t express how excited, how ready we are to expand our family. We will love this baby with no limits, we will raise him/her in a home of faith, a home of respect, a home of unconditional support and most importantly, a home full of laughter. We will always strive to lead by example. We will parent in a way that encourages our child to forge his/her own path, to follow their dreams and to push through when the going gets tough. We will encourage bravery. We will teach him/her to love fiercely and to live a life of passion, of service and of purpose. We will be a family that makes mistakes but learns from them, together. We will be a source of stability and of course, a source of endless laughter! Seriously, you should already hear Kevin’s dad jokes. We are so grateful for your consideration! 

Our Love Story

Our love story began at North Park University in Chicago where I played basketball and Kevin played football. We started dating on St. Patrick’s Day, 2008. I graduated in 2008 with a BA in Communications and a Minor in Business, while Kevin graduated in 2010 with a BA in Business. Looking for an adventure, we moved to Scottsdale, AZ when Kevin graduated. We got engaged in Sedona, AZ and married in my hometown of St. Charles in 2012. We bought our first home in Chandler, AZ and found out 9 months later we were heading home to Chicago for my job. We moved back home in 2015 to our favorite city, our family and friends, just in time to watch the Hawks clinch the Cup.

Kevin at a Glance

Occupation: Mobiity Solutions Architect at CDW
Nickname: Kevy Bear (not Kevin approved)
Favorite Food: Ribs (cooked in our smoker!)
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movie: Tombstone
Favorite Vacation Spot: Fort Myers Beach
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Hobbies: Fishing, building things, sports, BBQ

Bethany at a Glance

Occupation: Director, Local Accounts at Yelp
Nickname: Beef (great story)
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Movie: Miracle, Remember the Titans & Father of the Bride
Favorite Vacation Spot: The Beach & Galena, IL
Favorite Holiday: Christmas & the 4th of July
Hobbies: Bonfires & country music, kickboxing, CHI sports!

What I love about Kevin (written by Bethany)…

Kevin has such an infectious smile and laugh. He forever bleeds a positivity and joy for life that is so contagious. I love how protective he is and how hard he fights for anything that he believes in. I love his work ethic. I love how he’ll kill any bug for me since I’m terrified or build anything we need for the home. I love how he makes me laugh. I love watching him with our best friends’ kids. He is going to be the best Dad & he already has the Dad Jokes firing!

What I love about Bethany (written by Kevin)…

Where do I start with all of the things I love about Bethany! I love how much she loves me, not a day goes by without her demonstrating her love for me. I love how she always finds a way to surprise me. I love how much she genuinely cares about other people. I love the way she makes us all laugh. She always brings the best out in people. She lights up around kids. Our child will be so lucky to have her as a Mom!

Our dogs! 

Paisley, Age: 9
Likes: Walks, laying in
the sun, food
Dislikes: When Mom & Dad don’t
leave food on the counter

Toews, Age: 7
Likes: Being a 50lb lap dog, the outdoors,
my trick: playing dead
Dislikes: Rain & coming inside when it’s sunny out

Bear, Age: 4 mos
Likes: Sleeping flat on my back, fetch,
playing with my brother & sister
Dislikes: When my brother & sister ignore me

Our playful puppies are a HUGE part of our family! Paisley was our first, we rescued him in 2008, while living in Chicago. Toews is our desert dog, we rescued her in 2010 while living in Phoenix. Bear is a recent addition to our family and quite possibly the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Our puppies are kid tested, aka their ears have been pulled at for years & they love it!

Our Wedding

We were married on December 21st, 2012. That was the day the world was supposed to end and the joke was made at our reception that it did in a way, as I was wearing a dress! Our wedding was so perfect, it was so us. Christmas cheer, so much love & so much laughter. It was a chilly -7 degrees outside but that dance floor was so much fun!

Our first dance was to, “First Love Song,” by Luke Bryan. Our wedding party, comprised of all our siblings & best friends, danced to, “Chicken Fried,” by the Zac Brown Band. That year, Notre Dame was playing for the National Championship a few weeks after our wedding. The fight song was played during the reception, only to be followed by, “Sweet Home Alabama,” thanks to some of our SEC-loving-cousins!

Our Home

Our home has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a cozy fireplace, a dining room for family dinners & our favorite part, a huge fenced in backyard with a large deck, a perfect spot to play catch or beat the heat in a kiddie pool. We love hosting, whether it’s for the holidays or a simple Friday night BBQ. We are happiest when our home is filled with the people we love! The neighborhood is home to many families, including our backyard neighbors. We live in a great school district and we know all the greatest park hotspots!

Fun Fact: During the home buying process, one big non negotiable for us was solid Christmas light potential & Christmas tree placement. We LOVE decorating for all holidays, but especially Christmas! We do believe we got it right in this home!

Making Memories

We are not about ‘things’, but instead, we are all about making memories. We love to travel, we love to be outside, we love to play games like dominoes or darts. We are happiest camping, at a game, on a beach or hiking a new trail. We love to bring our puppies along for the adventure. We don’t “love” to run, but we love running races! We love all things Chicago and all things Chicago sports, as we both grew up playing all sorts of sports. We are huge Hawks, Bears, Sox, Bulls & Notre Dame fans. We love a good tailgate and can’t wait do ALL of this with our kid!


We both grew up in LARGE families! I have 5 siblings & Kevin has 3. Add in spouses & significant others and our immediate families combine to equal 17 people! Family is so, so important to us. These are 15 people that are going to be the greatest grandparents, aunts & uncles ever, 15 people that are so ready to love our child, teach them how to hit a 3 & lets face it, spoil him/her! We were both raised in Christian homes that were guided by faith. Our parents each built homes that were so full of love, homes that offered unconditional support and a whole lot of laughter. We both grew up having regular family dinners, something we can’t wait to do. We have already started our own holiday and birthday traditions, they are so important to us and we can’t wait to build on them with our child!


They say it takes a village to raise a kid & our village of friends is AMAZING! We have the greatest friends in the world. We’ve been through thick and thin together and we are all better friends because of it! Not to mention, we sure know how to have fun! We share the same interests, we share the same values, we always support each other. A lot of our best friends have kids of their own and some of our greatest joy is getting to play a part in their lives. We can’t wait to see our kid running in the backyard with their kiddos!

Our Jobs

Kevin…I am a Mobility Solutions Architect with CDW. I help sales teams sell mobile device security and app development to businesses. I truly enjoy my job and working with my team to support my sales reps. CDW was recently ranked as one of the best companies to work for. I really appreciate the flexibility I have in my job. I can work from anywhere if need be and I also work from home once a week. I work M-F, 8-5.

Bethany…I am a Director of Local Accounts at Yelp, where I oversee an org of ~60 people that work everyday with small businesses advertising on the site. I love my job! I love small business and I work with the most incredible people. We have a lot of fun! I’ve been at Yelp for 7 years now. One thing I love the most is the work life balance – Yelp strongly believes that happy people are the best employees! I work M-F, 8-5, no travel!


We want to introduce you to Anna and Sean a bit further, as they will be the Godmother and Godfather of our baby. Anna is my sister and was my Maid of Honor. Sean is Kevin’s brother and was his Best Man. These are two of the most important people in our lives and they will be the most incredible role models for their goddaughter/godson. Whether it’s an ice cream date, a ride down the slide, a buddy to play catch with or dating advice later in life, we trust no one more to stand beside us as we guide our child through the ups and downs of life!


Lastly, there’s one big piece of our story we’d like for you to know. The journey that led us here today involved losing our daughter, Hallie Hope. We have every intention of making sure this child knows all about their big sister Hallie & how brave she was. Hallie made us parents and we are forever thankful for her. We can’t wait to love this child as much as we do Hallie! Forever #halliestrong

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind consideration. We are forever grateful!

Kevin & Bethany

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  1. Mary Schafer

    I enjoyed reading your story very much. It is easy to see how much you love each other, and you are both truly blessed. I have been married a ( very) long time and have 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. I wish you continued joy and happiness in your lives together, as mine and my husband’s has been!


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