Nine women are currently enrolled in our Empowering Women, Strengthening Families program, and we are so proud of the amazing progress they are making!

In October, we launched a brand new project that had been a dream of ours for years: to empower mothers in Chicago, who are considering adoption solely for lack of resources, to independently care for their children.

In these first few months of the Empowering Women, Strengthening Families program, we have worked with nine mothers. In that time, they have enrolled in GED programs, studied for their driver’s licenses, attended their first day of college classes or started full-time employment. These women have accomplished major milestones toward their ultimate goal of independently caring for their children, and we feel so inspired by their amazing progress.

Some women are already parenting their young children, while others are currently pregnant and trying to plan for the future. Loann Tan, our birth mother and resource social worker, works with each woman individually to help her develop goals and action steps especially tailored to her unique circumstances. Then, they move forward together toward these goals. Collectively, these nine women are parenting a total of 16 children — children who, because of these brave steps their mothers are taking, will grow up in a safe, secure and loving environment.

We consider maintaining the confidentiality of these women very important, so while we can’t share details connected to each individual woman in the program, we are so excited to share some of their general accomplishments!

Accomplishments among these nine mothers include:
Going on a college tour
Attending a GED orientation
Joining a Latino community parenting class
Meeting with an immigration attorney
Securing tutoring resources through college
Three women starting or being promoted to full-time employment
Studying for a driver’s license
Enrolling in a GED program
Attending her first day of college classes
Finding stable housing
Finding a mentor
Getting warm winter clothing
Completing a budget
Opening a PO Box
Obtaining a storage unit as a safe place to keep belongings
Feeling hopeful about the future

This last accomplishment, “feeling hopeful about the future,” is the most important of all.

Pursuing an education, finding stable housing, having warm clothes to wear and becoming financially stable are all amazing accomplishments that will truly impact these women’s lives — and the lives of their children — for the better. But hope is what makes everything else possible. And growing hope is our first priority.

If a mother feels hope, she can see past her present circumstances and begin to dream — about stability, health, education, a life of happiness and the future of the child she is raising.


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