John and Megan are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Hi! It’s nice to meet you!

We appreciate that you are taking the time to get a glimpse of our family through this book. We believe that family is about caring for and supporting one another. We live that through our daily interactions with one another and through our faith. While we have been blessed in our lives up to this point, we still have something missing – a new child to love and hold, a sibling to strengthen the bond of our children and a new little person to help grow into the best big person that they can be. And that’s what we’re all about.

Although we don’t yet know you, you’re often on our minds! We can’t imagine the emotions you are feeling right now, but we hope that you find moments of peace in your decision. We know that it is made with love and that you are looking for the best family fit to give your child opportunities… please know this choice you are making says something about the kind of person you are. We can’t thank you enough for your ability to be so selfless!

Thank you for taking the time to meet our family!

Megan and John

How We Met (Our First Email!) 

Hi Megan,

This may be one of the more unusual e-mails you’ll ever receive I know it’s one of the more unusual e-mails I’ve ever sent. But my mother insisted that I try and get a hold of you and being the good son that I am I thought I better listen to her and send you an e-mail. You’ll have to excuse me but I’m not too sure on what else to say, it’s not every day that I send e-mails to people I’ve never met based on my Mom’s suggestion. But anyway if you want feel free to drop me an e-mail from what I hear you sound like someone who’d be fun to meet sometime.

Take Care,

PS Just in case you have more than one mother asking for your e-mail address for their son, my mom was Joan at Stevens Industries

About Us

We have been together for over ten years and have been married for eight years. We were set up on a blind date by John’s mom who was Megan’s client at the time! Our relationship has grown so much over the last ten years, but what remains constant is that we are best friends who truly understand one another and wake up every day wanting to strengthen our marriage.

We love to travel and explore, although most of our adventures these days are to children’s plays, museums and water parks. We also love to cook together. We usually put the kids to bed Saturday night and head down to the kitchen to make a fun meal together, eat it at 9pm and catch up on life. On the weekends we love to garden together with John mowing the lawn and Megan working on the flower arrangements while listening to good tunes. When we get out of the house, we like to go to sporting events and are Chicago Cubs season ticket holders.

Our shared passion is for our family and our children. With action-packed work and school weeks, we cherish our time spent together as a family, as well as making one on one time for each child.

A lot has happened in our relationship over the last ten years – new houses, new jobs and children to name a few small things! John works in Finance downtown Chicago and Megan works in Sales out of the house. We added Rosemary (Rose) to our family in 2011 and Mark to our family in 2013. They are our joys. We have always wanted three children and have always had the desire to grow our family through adoption. Our adoption journey is so special to our family and our hearts grow larger for a child every day.

What Megan Says About John…

The moment I knew that I would marry John was when we first started dating and I saw him hold his 2 month old niece as comfortably as a football.

Family means everything to John. I am always amazed how he walks in the door after a long day at work and jumps right into the craziness – whether that’s helping a child set the table, refereeing a fight or giving me a hug and kiss. John is officially known as the “kid entertainer.” He plays with Rose and Mark in the backyard, involves them in housework while making it fun and comes up with a new game on a rainy day when we are stuck inside. He talks to our children like little people, who have a voice that needs to be heard. He is genuinely interested and entertained by everything they do; including their dance moves, 20 minute long stories about going potty and what they did at school each day.

As a husband, he isn’t afraid to fold a basket of laundry sitting out, run to the grocery store at 10pm because I forgot something for dinner the next day or chance making his train because he forgot to give me a goodbye kiss in the morning. He’s dedicated to our family, and he guides us every day.

While waiting to find our baby, John is always thinking of how a third child will add to our family – what our children will give to the baby and what the baby will give to our children. He is gearing up yet again for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. In fact, he can’t wait for them!


Five Fun Facts About John

1. I secretly want to be on Jeopardy.

2. I broke my elbow while riding an old fashioned bicycle with one little wheel and one big wheel.

3. The most life training I got on a job was my summer high school/college job of working for a city, street and sewer department.

4. I just graduated from a masters program in business in December 2017.

5. I’ve won a (very) amateur rib smoking competition. I love to barbecue.

What John Says About Megan

Megan is the Mother I always wanted for my children, and there is no other person I would rather experience the joy of raising our children with.

She’s the one who keeps us organized and sane, which truthfully may drive her to the brink of insanity at times. Without her there would be no kids theater for Rose, no soccer for Mark, no birthday gifts to bring to all the parties and no one would have a clue of what to eat. In general she’s the glue that keeps us all together and the fuel that keeps us all moving. There are many times I have no idea how she does it, yet she does and I think truth be told she enjoys every minute of it — alright, almost every minute.

But there’s much more to Megan the mom than that, she is both of the kids’ best friend. While she can be stern with them when it’s needed she’s also quick with a tender kiss to help an owie, knows when a “treat” might be needed to help someone through a rough day and knows what to say to help mend anyone’s hurt feelings. She’s a great air guitarist and backup singer when the kids are “Jamming” and is a wonderful driveway chalk artist anyplace the kids choose for their canvas. She is a driven worker, extremely successful in her field but her main priority is taking care of her family and putting our needs first.

The woman I met and fell in love with 10 years ago is now the amazing wife and mother with whom I had always hoped to raise a family. While we are both very happy with our young family neither of us are content. As Megan often reminds me something is still missing and that is a new member to our family. While I know that when we do become blessed with our new addition we will be the luckiest family there is, I also know that that new addition will be one lucky child to have Megan.

Five Fun Facts About Megan

1. I auditioned for the show “The Bachelor” right before I met John. Thank goodness I wasn’t their type!

2. Growing up, my family had over 40 pets (not at one time).

3. I am a legend in my own mind at karaoke. I am also very tone deaf and have two left feet. I will never go pro.

4. I am the only person I know who considers making a five course dinner as a form of therapy to relax.

5. When my children cry and scream about wanting something, I respond by singing the Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” One of them usually answers me with “But you just might just find, you get what you need!”


Mark is 4, turning 5 in July 2018. He is a caring and hilarious child. He wants to be a racecar driver when he grows up and is the proud father to a growing family of minions. He wants to be a big brother so badly and fights with his sister about responsibilities with a new baby.


Rose turned 7 in March 2018. She is a kind and patient big sister and “mothers” the entire family. She loves music, plays the piano and performs in children’s musicals. Rose is so excited to be a big sister again because she says that she didn’t really “get it” with Mark because she was only 2!

The Handsome Hound

Petey is affectionately known as “the handsome hound” or “wonder dog” around our house. He is the sweetest and most tolerant dog on earth (pictures to prove it). He loves the kids and is truly a family member. He wants to be a big brother, too!

Our Home

We live in a diverse community in the Western suburbs of Chicago. We have a four bedroom home with a large back yard with a playset, a park around the corner and a community pool nearby. Our neighbors are a tight knit group! We have both empty nesters and an abundance of new families with young children.





Our family has come together through adoption and also through our blended families!

“Family” isn’t defined only by last name or by blood; it’s defined by commitment and by love. It means showing up when they need it most. It means having each other’s backs. It means choosing to love each other even on those days when you struggle to like each other. It means never giving up on each other!

John’s Family

John’s family has been brought together through adoption. Our amazing niece, Lucy, was adopted in 2010, and John is close with his three cousins who are adopted. John’s parents say that big families are happy families!

Nonnie, Poppo, John’s brother’s family and two sister’s families live in Southern Illinois. When visiting Nonnie and Poppo, we enjoy working in Poppo’s HUGE garden, going to Uncle Ron’s Christmas tree farm, boating at the lake and simply being with each other.

Megan’s Family

Megan’s dad was adopted as a child by his father and still talks to his dad every day.

Megan’s dad (Grandpa) and stepmother (Grandma) recently retired to the beach in Florida! They are located about half an hour away from Disney World, so we look forward to many fun family trips in the future.

Grandpa and Grandma can’t wait to make a trip back to Illinois to welcome grand child #5!

Megan’s mom’s sister was adopted, and she gets goosebumps every time she thinks about our family growing through adoption.

Megan’s mom (Grandma), stepfather (Pappy), sister and two nieces live eight minutes away from our home, and we are a close knit crew. Grandma and Pappy are snowbirds with a house in Florida for the winter. We visit every year and enjoy a beach vacation during the cold Chicago winters!

Adventures That Lie Ahead for Baby

Trips to the Theater
Birthday Celebrations
First Days of School
Cooking Together
Chicago Cubs Games
Museums with Cousins
Summers at the Community Pool
Building Forts on Family Movie Night
The Park Around the Corner From Our House
Fun in the Snow
Bring Your Child to Work Day with Daddy
Hanging out at the Lake With our Cousins
Brookfield Zoo
Trips to the Museum
Family Vacations


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family.

May God bless you!

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