UPDATE: Stephanie and Eric are matched with a child!


We both want to thank you for giving us this chance to expand our family. Eric and I are both teachers in the area. We dated for 5 years and got married in 2014. Our plan was be in love, get married, and have a big family. Our plan started to come to fruition when we became pregnant with Cameron. Cameron was born in 2015. After the birth I began to have health symptoms relating to pregnancy. Low and behold the doctor recommends that pregnancy isn’t a safe option for us, but that hasn’t stopped Eric and I and our dreams of a bigger family. Cameron is a healthy 2 year old, who enjoys being mischievous. Cameron has opportunities to interact with other children his age through park district programs and preschool. The saying it takes a village to raise a kid is true and dear to Eric and I. Our parents play a huge role in Cameron’s life. Both our parents watch Cameron throughout the weekdays. We want all of our children to feel safe, emotionally supported and loved. Thank you for giving us the chance to expand our family and to give our love and support to another child.

-Eric and Stephanie

Stephanie’s Perspective on Eric:

What first attracted me to Eric was that he is a fellow  teacher, but as we continued to talk I learned he was also a basketball coach.  He uses his interest to guide young men into making positive choices in their life through basketball.  I enjoy seeing him do this through out the school year, but mostly seeing our son blossom with his guidance.  

Eric’s Perspective on Stephanie:

The reason I married Stephanie was because she is such a kind hearted nice person. She is very family oriented, likes to travel and loves kids which are things I am into as well. She is also educated and has a sense of humor.

We want to grow a family because we have a great idea of what a family should look like and function due to growing up in strong family households ourselves. Love, respect, discipline, expectations and accountability are things we believe in that make a family strong. No family is perfect and we certainly will not be but our home will be filled with love and compassion which a child can grow and prosper.

We always wanted a family and began planning for a family soon after we married.   In the picture we’re celebrating the love between our cousins. We were so happy for them, but also happy for our expanding family.  Cameron was a bun in the oven at this time!

Eric shares his love of sports with Cameron.  Here is a family selfie of us on a quick trip to Milwaukee to see the 2016 Champions!  This was Cameron’s first professional baseball game! We also enjoy semi-professional teams!

We both try to enrich Cameron’s life with many experiences.  Here we are at the Shedd Aquarium, enjoying the fish swim by.  

Cameron spends quality time with both of us!  They are both celebrating the “noon” year! Spending time with family is the most important thing to us!


Our town, like us, is very family oriented.  There is always a fun filled family experience right around the corner! Here is Curious George and Cameron.

Cameron’s birthday parties were attended by tons of family including aunts, uncles, grandparents, and godparents.  They are all very excited to welcome a new little member into the family.


Our village.  Family is important to both of us.  We’re blessed to spend so much time with them and know they’re excited to continue to support our growing family. We can’t wait to expand our family.  We have the love, assistance, and even diapers to care for our child! We are both excited to welcome another child into our family.


I enjoy traveling and sports.  I was rooting for basketball and baseball before I could walk!  I continue to plan on sharing my love of sports with my children.  

Eric and I both enjoy traveling; that’s how we met!  We were traveling to New Orleans and happened to see each other on the plane.  Our first “date” was in New Orleans on New Years Eve! I often say it was destiny because we were vacationing the year before at the same time in Las Vegas!

Here is Cameron enjoying time at the DuPage children museum.  Cameron is 19 months old in this picture. In a play group he picked up the babies and started feeding them a bottle!  Whenever he sees a picture of a baby(younger than him), he saws awwww! I think our little boy is trying to tell us something!

Father and son walking hand in hand at the zoo. We want to bring experiences like this to all of our children.

When visiting the pumpkin patch for Halloween, Cameron was not a fan of the goats!  Every year we will take him here because we are strong believers in exposing our children to many activities.  As our children grow older we plan on allowing them to dictate which activities they are a part of.

Our village is excited to help us as we grow our family.

We enjoy life.  We enjoy family.  We want to bring another child into our family and share our love; share our family.  

Every family has a story to tell; become a part of ours!


The two of us are a team that has grown through the years. There have been ups and downs but our love is undeniable. Our bond is strong and everlasting.

As we would like to grow our family adding a child would be a true blessing. We understand that children need a loving home with quality caregivers and strong support system and we can provide exactly that.   

Thank you for considering us for such a precious blessing. Making this decision isn’t an easy one, and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and our family. We both have a lot of love to give and know our son is excited about the opportunity to become a big brother. Eric stated it best, No family is perfect and we certainly will not be, but our home will be filled with love and compassion which a child can grow and prosper.

Eric, Stephanie, and Cameron

If you’d like to learn more about Stephanie and Eric, contact us at 800-Baby-Mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org.