UPDATE: Jason and David are matched with a child!

As our profile book sits in your hands, we imagine that you find yourself hoping to find the right couple with which to connect. We too are looking for a connection. We are two dads who would love nothing more than to become parents. The sacrifice we know you are prepared to make is one that we will always honor and respect and that sentiment will continue onto the life you are now creating. Despite the decision you are now facing, please know that you will be giving the greatest gift of all by creating an opportunity for a life to be surrounded by immense levels of love, respect, care, acceptance, and a healthy amount of silly times. We thank you for giving us a chance and know that we are thinking of you during this stressful time. We also hope that you find peace with your decision and that by the end of this book, you understand exactly what type of parents we can be!

With love,

Jason & David

About Us

We were blessed to have found one another in 2011 and have been together ever since. Our relationship has been centered around love, respect, and support for each other. Through our time together, we have created so many fun and meaningful memories and we cannot wait to make many more.


What David Says About Jason

“Jason was born to be a father! Whenever we go to one of our many family parties the little kids all run up to play with Jason. He has this way he interacts with children that comes so naturally and they are drawn to his relatable personality. I have never seen a child be shy around Jason.

Jason has this driving aspiration to be an amazing father! I am so honored to be married to a man that will be such a great dad!” -David

What Jason Says About David

“That smile you see on David’s face, it is infectious. He lights up a room wherever he goes but more importantly his sense of wonder and excitement make you feel like you are the most important person around.” – Jason

David’s Family

David is part of a large Irish Catholic family. See the photo above? That is just his mother’s side! Most of David’s aunts, uncles and cousins live close by, and weekends are filled with family gatherings, birthdays, and special events. There is a lot of love that goes around in this family!

David’s mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law cannot wait to share their love for a little one.

Jason’s Family

Jason has two amazingly supportive brothers and while he is technically the oldest, he is also a twin! Everyone in Jason’s family is married and eager to begin growing the family with nephews, nieces, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Jason’s grandparents were instrumental in helping raise and shape the man he is today. Jason’s parents are looking forward to becoming grandparents and carrying on that tradition.


“Family comes first. We help each other out no matter what.” – Grandma Bartosiak

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and with this family, they take it to heart. Aunts, uncles and older cousins make it a priority to take the children out for special activities, tutor them if they need help in school, or simply be a listening ear of support.

Our Home

We live in a spacious condo within a safe, culturally diverse neighborhood of Chicago. Our building has many families with newborns and toddlers. We are also steps away from a huge scenic park and a bilingual elementary school.

Often, we spend summer afternoons walking around the park or going to the local bakery in our building to grab a sweet treat. Jason is an avid cook, and makes homemade dinners from scratch almost every night!

Our Travel Adventures

One of our biggest passions is travel. We have visited many places around the world (20 cities and counting!) and have learned so much. We cannot wait to continue these experiences with our family!

Our Second Family

We have been so blessed with such a great group of friends! Together we travel, have game nights, and provide support for one another.

Many of our friends are married and beginning to start families of their own just like us.

Thank You

We hope you can see just how much love and care our family is waiting to give. We also hope that you feel you know us a little bit better. Please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to make an even better connection in person!