UPDATE: Mike and Kristen are matched with a child!

Hello! We are Kristen and Mike and would love to say thank you for taking a glimpse into our lives with the consideration of becoming parents to your child, and hope this provides you with an accurate image of who we are and the parents we strive to be!

Given the opportunity to become mom and dad to your child, we can promise that his or her life will be filled with endless love, laughter will be loud and often, and he or she will have the biggest cheerleaders throughout all of their adventures in life! As their parents, we will encourage him or her to try new things; teach them values of compassion, empathy, and hard work and assist them in finding passion in whatever they may do.

We promise to create a strong stable foundation for your child that will always be surrounded by family and friends that love him or her. The sacrifice you are making, and the amount of courage you have is absolutely extraordinary. Please know that the choice of adoption is unbelievably admirable and we will never take it for granted!

We hope to meet you soon!


Mike & Kristen 

Our Story

We were both raised in the south suburbs of Chicago and actually went to the same high school, but did not meet until after Kristen graduated from college. We have spent the last 7 years experiencing life’s adventures together and are ecstatic to see what the future has in store for us!

Adoption has always been an option of ours from the start of our relationship due to fertility issues that Kristen has experienced. We are ready to take this next step into the journey of parenthood together as a couple with the full support of our family and friends!

Our Home

We live in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago in a 3 bedroom home with a large fenced in yard, which we love spending time in when the weather is nice. Our neighborhood is filled with families of all different ages, races and dynamics, and we look forward to raising a child in a safe and diverse area!

We are surrounded by multiple parks, walking paths and schools within the area.  Our home is located within 15 minutes from our families and friends located in surrounding cities, who play a significant role in our lives.


About Kristen From Mike

Kristen is always putting others first and willing to help anyone. She is a wonderful aunt to all of our nieces and nephews and the best dog mom to Benny. She always laughs at my jokes and is the person I confide in. Kristen is my best friend and I know she will be the best mother to our child! I couldn’t imagine this journey to parenthood without her.

Just Some Fun Facts About Kristen:

Occupation: Autotransfusionist

Favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama

 Loves: Summertime & A Good Book

Favorite Food: Grilled Hotdog or Cake (really, any sweet treat)


About Mike From Kristen

Mike is not only the love of my life, but truly my best friend! He makes us all laugh constantly and is the best uncle to all of the children in our lives. He has such a strong work ethic and wants nothing but the best for us as a family. Mike is my biggest supporter and is always up for my adventures. I have no doubts that he will be the best Dad to our child and cannot wait to begin this journey through parenthood with him by my side!

Just Some Fun Facts About Mike:

Occupation: Construction

Favorite Movie: Stand By Me

Loves to: Relax & Watch Sports/Movies

Favorite Food: Palermo’s Pizza



Benny is our 3 year old Boston Terrier that we got when he was only 8 weeks old and he brings so much happiness to our lives with his large personality! He is the biggest ball of energy at times, but the best snuggler when he wants to just relax. He loves spending time playing fetch in the backyard and sunbathing on the deck or inside on the couches.

He is great with all of our nieces and nephews and loves to be around people at all times!

Chicago Sports

We are definitely Chicago sports fans and cannot wait to incorporate them into our child’s life! Although, we may be a split household when it comes to Chicago baseball, we support one another by attending games of each team (but don’t expect to see the opposite teams logo on our shirts)! 😉

Kristen’s Family

Kristen has 2 sisters, a brother, a sister-in-law, a brother-in-law and a nephew who we create memories with on a regular basis. We still to this day celebrate holidays with all of her cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles; it’s always a packed house, but the love and laughter shared is unforgettable! Our family is so excited to welcome another baby into the family to shower with love!

Mike’s Family

Mike has one sister, three nieces and one nephew who we spend time with multiple times a month, living only 15 minutes from us. Mike has a large extended family that we spend holidays with, as well as try to plan summer day trips to all be able to get together continuing to create amazing memories! Our family can’t wait to spoil another grandbaby, niece/nephew and cousin!

Adventures/Making Memories

Whether it is traveling to new states/countries or a spur of the moment Sunday horseback ride, we’re always up for a little adventure. Making memories is something we love to do and they will only become more memorable experiencing them though our child’s eyes!


To us, our friends are truly like family. They are such a significant part of our lives and we have been blessed to know most of them since elementary or middle school! We have all grown up together and most live within minutes of us. From vacations & weddings to movie nights & BBQ pool days, we cannot wait to bring another child into our growing group of friends and embrace the next chapter of life together. Our friends are ecstatic about our journey to adoption and stand behind us fully!

We hope our book gave you an accurate depiction of who we are and the love we have to share. We are excited to meet you!

Mike & Kristen

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