UPDATE: Kearin and Keith are matched with a child!

Dear Birth Family, 

We cannot even begin to imagine the emotions you are feeling. Please know that we appreciate you considering us as a loving family for your baby. We have such a great amount of admiration and respect for you and for your decision to choose adoption.

Our journey to adoption began two years after our son Weston was born. We had dreams of expanding our family but suffered two late miscarriages in the process. It was with time and a great amount of reflection that we realized that we were being guided down a different path. Kearin’s Grandma, Keith’s Aunt, our Godson, friends of ours and friends of Weston’s are all adopted. Adoption holds a very special place in our hearts and has been a defining part in the lives of some of those we love most!

It is extremely important to us that your child knows his/her roots and the amazing sacrifice that you made. Your child will always know that your decision was the most selfless act in the world. We created this book as a way for you to see if we would be a good match for you and the future you envision for your child. We hope that we have conveyed to you our sincere belief that your child will always be a precious gift entrusted to our loving care.

With love and gratitude,

Kearin & Keith

Our Story

We met at a rehearsal dinner in 2004. Keith unexpectedly flew in for the wedding and we were instantly drawn to each other at the rehearsal dinner. We finally found each other at the wedding in time for the last dance. There was an instant connection. We laughed and enjoyed every minute of being together. We dated long distance for 6 months and then Keith made the big move to the Midwest. We got engaged two years later and were married in 2008 in a Catholic Church followed by a reception on the lake.

It was the best day of our lives until…

Weston was born in 2012.

We continue to learn and grow together. Parenthood has opened our hearts and minds. We want nothing more than to share our love and parental experience with a second child.

As parents, we value time together and family dinners. We stress the importance of trying your best at school and finding activities that bring you joy. Our children will know that helping a classmate who is having a tough time is bigger to us than getting an A+ or scoring a touchdown. We believe each of us can make a positive impact.

About Kearin, In the Words of Weston…

“She loves to eat

“Mommy always says
I love you.”

“She is soooo happy when
I hug her.”

“My Mom laughs really hard
when I dab!”

All About Kearin, by Keith

I fell in love with Kearin’s sense of humor and caring nature 14 years ago. Her love of children was easy to see and her desire to have a family was evident.

Kearin’s profound love of family and friends, and level of compassion for all living things, is second to none. There is never a moment that she is not thinking about how to help someone. She is passionate about her work in health care and her volunteer work in animal rescue.

Kearin slows down by taking walks with our dogs, playing tennis, baking bread or reading. She is known as the fun aunt who plays video games and the mom who rides a hover board. She is the most active and  engaged mother I’ve ever seen. Playing tag, library excursions, bike rides, and playdates rule her day.

Kearin dreams of a second child and has so much love that she’s ready to share. She is the perfect partner for me and the best mother I could have imagined for our children.

All About Keith, by Kearin

Keith is kind, loving and really funny! He’s a caring, thoughtful husband and an amazing dad. He’ll surprise me when I least expect it. I came home one afternoon a few years ago to a new office desk and a gorgeous painting he and Weston had created and framed. I also came home to a homemade wooden playhouse under our steps where we had planned to build shelves! The playhouse won out! He is passionate about his work in education so he turns just about everything into a teaching moment for Weston. He can make anything fun; he’s even made bedtime into a game. He and Weston race upstairs every night for bragging rights!

Keith is a peaceful person who is happiest out sailing with his family! He plays the guitar, hikes, organizes neighborhood nerf battles and loves to grill. He’s a kid at heart and enjoys teaching Weston how to build lego sets and make a cheese hot dog on a stick. Keith is extremely active but can also enjoy the serene moments in life. A sunset across water, a quiet hammock rest or a walk through nature with Weston renew him. He is strong, determined and gives the best bear hugs.

Meet Weston (6)

An energetic, fun-loving boy, Weston wakes up happy and ready to get each day going! He likes to cook breakfast in his pajamas and dances while flipping pancakes! He loves his friends on the block, buddies at school and cousins so much! Our pets mean the world to him and his favorite place to be is in water!

Weston cannot wait to be a protective big brother. He has trips to the park planned and wants to teach a sibling how to catch bugs. Weston has a ton of love to give and we are so excited for him to experience the amazing relationship that siblings share.

Our Furry Family Members


We rescued Penny 2 years ago. She is blind but doesn’t let that stop her. She loves walks, treats and never misses a bedtime story with Weston


Gus is our first dog ever! We rescued him 9 years ago. He’s as sweet as could be. Gus rarely goes for a walk that a child doesn’t come running up to greet him!


Boo is our 16 year old rescue cat. She’s the Queen of our Furry Family members. What Boo wants, she somehow gets.

Kearin’s Family

We are fortunate enough to see Kearin’s close-knit, loving family often. Grams and Gramps are at every school event. Grandpa is famous for treating one to a milkshake and he will even let you dip your fries into it!

Within a ten minute drive:
2 parents + 2 sisters + 2 brothers- in-law + 3 nephews + 1 niece = SOOO Much Fun!!

Keith’s Family

Keith’s younger brother, Mark, lives in Colorado and Keith’s Dad (George Pa) splits time between Buffalo and Florida. Distance makes us treasure our time together.

Uncle Marty drives for 2 days from Virginia every year to attend Weston’s big birthday bash… laser tag last year!

We meet up at least twice a year with Keith’s cousins and their amazing families.

Our extended family is extremely supportive and so excited about our plans to adopt. Grandma cannot wait for another grand baby to rock and love! The cousins are ready for a new addition to their water gun fights and frog hunts.


Where would we be without our friends? They make life sweeter!

Our Home

Our home is our sanctuary filled with peace, love, joy and lots of laughs. It is a house of good meals, animals to pet and cozy spaces! Our backyard and deck host lots of playdates and BBQs. We want our children to bring their friends to our house and for their friends to know they are always welcome.

Our Neighborhood

Family-friendly in the truest sense of the word, we have 25 children on our block! There’s no shortage of fun! Neighbors gather for block parties, parades, ice cream socials, and holiday cookie exchanges. We are  blessed with close neighbors who are like family. We walk to school and are walking distance to lots of  parks, a sledding hill, bike trails, a pool, an ice cream shop and a skate park.


Summertime means we can unplug, enjoy nature, and spend tons of time at Grandma and Grandpa’s cottage! Our days are spent outside on the water and catching late night fireflies.


Fall means back to school! Keith is part of the PTA and Kearin volunteers in Weston’s classroom. We pick apples with friends and soccer season begins. Halloween takes over our neighborhood and the trick or treating goes on for hours!

Keith’s brother, Mark, stays with us for a week at Thanksgiving. Our big family gathering is down the street at Kearin’s sister’s house. The evening ends with the kids racing around the block and then settling in to watch Charlie Brown.


We begin winter by cutting down our Christmas tree. The season is busy with trips on the polar express, making gingerbread houses, and evening walks to look at lights. Christmas Eve is spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s house . We play games, eat a wonderful dinner and have dessert in our pj’s. Once home, the reindeer food is sprinkled on our grass and cookies are put out for Santa. Christmas mornings begin early with presents and a big breakfast!

Winter also includes a trip to an indoor waterpark and weekends filled with winter sports and sometimes just popcorn and a cozy movie day.


Springtime includes Easter egg hunts, Keith and Weston’s annual neighborhood camping trip, a visit to Florida to see George Pa and some quiet, restful rainy weekends. We play a lot of board games (a serious game of Jenga pictured), some xbox and lincoln logs during the springtime rain.

Thank You

We are spiritual people and believe that our paths have crossed for some reason today. More than anything we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and provide every possible opportunity that we can. We will teach the importance of education and that kindness is an integral part of our life. As a family, we promise to demonstrate the good that can be done in this world. Your child will be loved beyond words by us, our families, our friends and he or she will always know the incredible unique love and bond that you share.

With Peace and Love,
Kearin & Keith