UPDATE: Emmanuel and Felicia are matched with a child!


We are Emmanuel and Felicia and we are so excited that you are going through our profile. Thank you for this lifelong opportunity of considering us to be the parents to your child. It is our dream, as well as our daughter Emmani’s dream, to add another child to our family. We look forward to showering our love and affection on another child.

This is a great love you want to share with us and it shall not be taken for granted. We hope this book provides you a snapshot of what our life looks like.

Thank you again and God bless,

Emmanuel & Felicia

Our Story

We grew up in Africa and we would love to share our rich culture, customs, traditions, and diverse background with our child.

We first met at a scientific conference in New Jersey. It was also Felicia’s first time in United States.

We had a court house wedding in Illinois and had fun celebrating in Africa with our family through a traditional wedding ceremony and reception.

We have both grown together over the years to love, cherish, encourage and inspire each other.

About Felicia (By Emmanuel)

Felicia is a super woman with so much love for kids and energy to achieve family tasks. She has raised many of her nieces and nephews.

Felicia is the event planner for our family activities. She loves dancing, cooking, adventure and sports.

She puts family first in all her decisions. I cannot imagine going through this parenting journey without her. Felicia has been a wonderful step-mum to Emmani. She is loved by everyone.

About Emmanuel (By Felicia)

Emmanuel is humorous, loving and caring with great commitment for family and friends. He has been such a source of joy. He is a dedicated worker and attentive father to our daughter Emmani. He will be a loving father to our child.

Emmanuel loves traveling, adventures, sports, and doing community work, He will be a good role model to our child.


Emmanuel’s daughter, Emmani, is a grown up young lady with her heart full of joy. She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this wonderful addition to the family. Emmani is in college pursuing her degree. She loves reading, poetry and fashion. She cannot wait to be a loving and supportive big sister.

Our Home

We live in a beautiful, peaceful and diverse neighborhood with a nearby playground always full of children.
We look forward to enjoying our community with our child.


Felicia’s Family

Felicia enjoyed growing up with two sisters and three brothers in Africa. We love having a closer relationship with them. We travel down to see them every year and when we are there there are important family events. They are all happy to welcome our bundle of joy.


Emmanuel’s Family

Emmanuel has three sisters and three brothers with close family ties. They are all in Africa. We have constant communication to both families through calls/video and visit them once yearly. They are waiting joyfully to receive the call.


We love supporting foundations that we believe in like Epilepsy Foundation. We have fun doing this through walk/runs and other events. We also don’t mind the opportunity to stay active.

Our Interests

We both love sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, tennis, etc. We don’t have a specific club, but we cheer the winning team and analyze the game for fun. We are eagerly looking forward to taking our child to different games and to helping to harness his/her potential in sports.


We love going on adventures together whether that’s a hot air ballon ride, or a trip to Dubai.

Here we are on a trip to United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

Our Beliefs

We are Christians and attend services even when on vacation. We would love to share God’s love with our child and guide him/her through with dignity.


We treasure our friends and colleagues with all our hearts. We are grateful for their support of a new addition to our family! They cannot wait to help care for and love him or her.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. As we sit here to write this letter, we know that words and pictures cannot adequately express our desire to provide a loving and caring home for your child.

We admire the courage that it has taken for you to be at this point of consideration and wish you strength and positivity as you travel through this process.

If you’d like to learn more about Emmanuel and Felicia, contact us at 800-baby-mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org.