UPDATE: Steve and Sara are matched with a child!

Dear Birth Mother,

We are thankful for you, and honored that you might consider us to raise your baby. We fully understand the responsibility that comes with adopting, and we can assure you that your baby will be raised in a warm, stable, happy, and secure household surrounded by family and enveloped in love.

Be assured — we will be open with our child from the beginning about how they came into our family, and your name will always be honored and revered in our home.

Please know that we admire you and your difficult decision, and we are honored that you might consider us to care for, provide for, and love your child. Our gratitude is beyond measure. Thank you again for considering us as your baby’s future parents.

Steve and Sara

Our Adventure…

… began in the middle of our lives, when we least expected it. We met for our first date on the steps of the Art Institute, and set off on a journey which grows more beautiful each year. We are passionate about exploring the world and experiencing it deeply. We love music, camping and hiking, gardening and home projects, reading and learning, discussing ideas and telling stories.

We are so very excited to bring a child into our little world. We knew from the beginning that we could not have a child of our own, and so we have long known that we would like to adopt. We are excited to begin this new adventure, the next stage of our journey…

Steve on Sara

She’s a beauty, a joy, an enthusiast, a thrill. She’s a problem solver, adventurer, patient partner, loving mother. She improves each life she touches. She came here with little, made her American dream, and I am blessed to be a part of her journey.

Sara on Steve

Steve is a compassionate, patient, and supportive husband who adores his family and mine. He is a great teacher and takes great pride in his job. He is a genuine person who leads a modest life and the least pretentious individual I have ever met in my life. Steve will be a wonderful father to our child and I am grateful and elated to be able to raise our child with him.

Sara’s Children – Vikram and Archana

Vikram and Archana.

Sara has two grown kids. Vikram works in finance in the desert southwest. He loves to visit and stay for a week or two when he can. Archana lives in Chicago and works as a teacher at an early child development center. She has a magical way with kids, and they love her right back. Both are so excited to get to hold our newest member of the family. We both feel so fortunate to have such wonderful adult children, and all of us are excited for our new addition.

From Archana

My mom exemplifies what it means to be a strong and independent woman. She raised my brother and I to value kindness, love and equality and always reassured us to do what’s right. My mom and Steve are surrounded by a community of individuals who sincerely love and support them. Any child that lives in their household will be showered with love and respect and will be raised to thrive.

From Vikram

My mom is a great mother because she is so empathetic and invested in her children’s well being. Growing up, she would never brush our worries aside. She took her time to ensure we were happy and on our way to be productive adults. I can think of no one better to raise a child.


We enjoy spending time with a close-knit circle of friends — a big, diverse, group. They would do anything for us, and we would do anything for them. We are also very blessed to have wonderful neighbors on all sides and up and down our street. We get together regularly throughout the year, and the summertime bonfires are always a favorite, as is our block party.


Our Home

Our street is safe and quiet with families from many diverse backgrounds and lots of kids playing. We have parks and playgrounds nearby, and our local schools are top-notch. Our friends have been so very supportive of us through this process — they can’t wait to come over and meet the newest member of our family.

Our home is comfortable and colorful. We fill it with light and color, books, memories, and photos. We love having our family and friends in for the weekends in the summer and Halloween/Diwali parties in the fall.

In the summer we spend weekends in the backyard which overflows with flowers. We keep a vegetable garden in the very back, and there is a small rose garden and plenty of raspberries and blackberries. We are both outdoors people, and we love transforming our small backyard into a wonderland.

Fuzzy Family

Our fuzzies are a central part of our lives. We have two cats and two dogs, and they are all very kid friendly and filled with personality. It’s a lively household.


We love to explore the Midwest. We can’t wait to introduce Little One to some of our favorite camping spots, festivals, little towns, hikes, and vistas. Not to mention warm campfires, s’mores, and the stars at night.

We also love exploring Chicago and experiencing new cultures, new food, and finding great music. We plan on raising Little One with an awareness of all the city has to offer.

Sara on Steve’s Family

Steve’s family is caring, affectionate and fun-loving. Steve’s mother treats me as one of her daughters, and his sisters are like best friends. Steve’s mother travels with us to India every year and she adores my mother and family. Our family members are excited to meet the baby and shower the baby with love and affection.


Steve on Sara’s Family

In southern India, a big, crazy, wonderful family can’t wait to welcome our new addition. Sara’s family has embraced me with open arms, and they are already excited to introduce our child to the wonders of India, Indian food, and big Indian family gatherings.


Every year we spend a month in India, traveling and experiencing the country and visiting with Sara’s mother, sisters, and large, loving family in the South. Our child will be welcomed with open arms, and we can’t wait to introduce Little One to his or her family on the other side of the world.

A Big, Happy Global Family

Laughing and loving, giving and caring, joyous, global and diverse.

Thank You!

Thank you again for allowing us to show you a little about our lives and our family.

We respect and appreciate you and your decision to choose adoption, and we assure you that your child will be raised with love and affection in our happy home.

If you’d like to learn more about Steve and Sara, contact us at 800-baby-mom or babymom@holtsunnyridge.org.