UPDATE: Dan and Val are matched with a child!

Welcome to the profile of Val and Dan!  Please enjoy your time getting to know us and our family.  We can’t imagine how the adoption process feels for you. Val can, however, give some insight into the adoption process as she is a perfect example of how it can have such positive results.  She was adopted as an infant, because her birth mom was quite young and wanted to give Val more than she was able to provide at the time, both emotionally and financially.  Val’s amazing parents raised her to know what a selfless act of love this was, and that is exactly how we will raise your child, too.  Our promise to you is to be your child’s greatest role model, teacher, nurse, cheerleader, support system, friend and parent.  We will love them forever with our whole hearts, and provide for them a life full of opportunities, love, laughter and support.

Thank you so very much for considering us and we look forward to learning more about you.

With Love,

Valerie and Dan

Why We Are Adopting

When Val was in high school, she found out that she cannot carry children.  To some, this may have been devastating news, but since Val and her brother were both adopted, this naturally became her plan to start a family one day.

Very early in our relationship, Val was open about her dreams of having a family and her options to start one someday.  With Dan coming from a family with adoptions himself, as his aunt and uncle were adopted, he didn’t think twice about it.

As our relationship matured, we continued discussing our adoption plan.  Now that we are married, we are ready and excited for the journey of our own adoption story.

A Little Bit About Val

I’m an amateur artist that has worked with all different mediums, but my favorite is definitely charcoals.  Some of my work has even been donated to veteran causes and other charities.  If you couldn’t tell from putting together this book, I love all things crafty!

From an early age, I have always gravitated towards playing and enjoying music.  I grew up playing the piano and enjoy figuring out any sort of instrument that I can get my hands on.

I have a deep love of animals and have had all kinds of pets over the years including: dogs, bunnies, hedgehogs, gerbils and hermit crabs.

A few years ago, I started a 3D printing business out of our home.  Starting this business will let me become a full-time stay-at-home mom once our family grows.  Before 3D printing, I was a cook in the culinary field for about 12 years.  I still love to cook at home and create all sorts of tasty treats for our friends and family.

A Little Bit About Dan

It is pretty safe to say that I love the outdoors. Growing up, I was in Boy Scouts and I still love camping and exploring to this day.  I play disc golf several times a month with a few of my old high school friends.

My grandfather took me fishing at a very young age and as an adult I try to get out as much as I can.  Last year, we bought a small boat to putt around on small lakes.  I have a lot of fun fishing with our little cousins and obviously Val.

I am an engineer by trade and just started working for a great new company.  In my free time, I like to tinker and invent things.  My mom is convinced that this comes from all the Legos we had growing up. I still enjoy building Legos and working on educational kits with the little kiddos in our family.

About Val By Dan

Oh heavens did I hit the jackpot when Val said “Yes” to being my wife. Even from extremely early in our relationship it was clear to see how selfless and family focused she is.  Soon after we started dating, my father passed away and Val was quick to console me and even knitted me a blanket as a gift.

Creativity flows from her fingertips and her artwork is a sight to behold.  Even putting together these books, she wanted to make them a work of art and do something different.  I could also go on and on about how much she loves Christmas, wrapping gifts and decorating for the holidays.

One of Val’s favorite pastimes is babysitting for our little niece and nephew.  She always comes home with a smile on her face and a story to tell about all of the cute things they have done.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful woman as the future mother of my children and I know she will do an amazing job!

About Dan By Val

I feel so lucky to have found Dan as he has been an amazing life partner and husband.  He brings stability and reliability to our relationship, as well as, having the dad humor dialed in ready to go.  Dan is adaptable to any situation and is just a great person to be around.

Dan is wise beyond his years and can perceive things that most people pass right by.  He is wildly successful in everything he puts his heart into.  As an Engineer, he is really great at fixing things, planning and solving problems.

Dan will make an excellent father. My brothers’ kids, and my cousin’s kids absolutely adore him.  He goes out of his way to teach them about the outdoors, science and listen to them. I can’t wait for us to have our own children and watch him apply those skills to become an amazing father.

Some Facts About Us

We met online in 2014 and got married 3 years later in 2017.

Our first date lasted NINE hours and consisted of a scavenger hunt.  Our second date lasted ELEVEN hours and included breakfast, lunch and dinner. Needless to say, we hit it off from the start!

Dan used a drone to propose; Val thought it was a bomb at first.  It’s a great story.

We had a “subtle Star Wars” themed wedding, complete with light sabers, food trucks, dueling pianos and life-sized cut outs of R2D2 and C3P0 – it was definitely one of a kind.

We love to travel together.  We have been to the Bahamas, Fiji, Australia and our personal favorite spot – New Zealand.  We hope to go back there as many times as possible throughout our lives.

On the weekends, we love camping together, shooting pool/darts, and having bonfires in the backyard with our friends.

Our Pup Yoda!

Yoda is our 13 year old mini-pinscher that Dan has had since he was just a puppy.

He LOVES kids…and everyone else for that matter

He impresses everyone with all his tricks, especially ‘go get the remote!’ and with the fact that he rings a bell whenever he needs to go outside.

He is definitely viewed as part of the family, and I like to think that he is stoked to become a big brother. 😉

A Little Bit About Val’s Family

I am very close with my parents, who live about 15 minutes away from us. We are at their house every Sunday night for dinner. They are the best Grandparents imaginable. If you ask my 2-year-old niece who her best friend is, she will tell you, ‘Gammpa!’ They love babysitting my brothers’ kids and are so excited to have more grandchildren to spoil!

I have one older brother and we spend a lot of time with him, his wife and their 2 kids (ages 2 and 1). They live less than 10 minutes away from us and can’t wait to have more little ones running around together.

My extended family are all near to us too, and we spend a lot of time, especially with my cousin and his 3 kids (ages 5, 9 and 11). They have already called dibs on babysitting! All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and their children are all looking forward to having more babies in the family to love on.

Each summer, Dan and I host a ‘Holiday Party’, for both sides of our family to all get together and just celebrate for the sake of celebrating. We pick a different holiday each year and deck the place out according to whichever holiday theme it is. It is so much fun and looked forward to all year by everyone.

A Little Bit About Dan’s Family

My mom, sister and aunt all live close to each other in Florida and we have a great time visiting down there about once a year. Several times a year, my mom ventures up to Illinois just to spend time with us.  She works from home as a professor, teaching online university students about neuroanatomy and speech language pathology.

The extended family on my dad’s side and I get together on a regular basis.  My aunt and uncle were also adopted so we have several adoptions on both sides of the family.  Unfortunately, my father passed away several years ago but we still keep his memories in our hearts.

Every year since my dad was 5, our family has gone up to the same Wisconsin lake resort as a family reunion.  We fish, kayak and just spend quality time together on the beach.  Val has been coming up there with me since we met and she is excited to keep the tradition alive.

The End

We hope that you enjoyed reading through our profile. There is so much more to two people’s lives than a few words and pictures can portray, so let’s end with a couple of words from Val:  Dan and I are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives.  Seeing Dan with the kids in our family absolutely melts my heart, and I can’t wait to see him transform into the best Dad.  And as for me, I honestly feel like I’ve been preparing for motherhood my entire life.  I just don’t have the words to express the happiness I feel to be starting this journey with Dan.

Adoption is already a successful and bright staple in our family and we are looking forward to continuing it into the next generation. Thank you so very much for your consideration and selflessness in the adoption process.

With so much love,

Val & Dan