Nathan and Kim are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Family,

Hi! It feels weird to start a letter like this, writing to someone we haven’t even met, sharing things about ourselves in the hope that you allow us the joy of raising your child! We do not even know where to begin, except to say that we are thrilled you are looking at this book and hope that you feel we would be a wonderful family for your child!

We have always dreamed of expanding our family, but due to infertility issues, we have been unable to. Being able to have more children through adoption is very exciting for us.  We are thrilled with the thought of having an open adoption to help maintain that connection to our child’s birth family culture, history, community, and heritage.

We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about our amazing family and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

Our Story

We met in our high school freshman English class.  Nathan was kind of nerdy and Kim was into alternative rock music.  But we were both interested in acting and became fast friends through involvement in drama activities.  When asked, Nathan will say that he wanted to date Kim since Freshman year!  Kim, on the other hand, only wanted to be friends.  Looking back, we should have realized someone was trying to tell us something when we played a married couple in our junior year spring play – Mr. and Mrs. Kirby in “You Can’t Take It With You.” Nathan was ecstatic!  Though he would have to wait many more years (a total of 13 years to be exact) before Kim finally realized that maybe she should give Nathan a shot!

We live in a quiet neighborhood north of Milwaukee with our 12 year old son, Gavin, and two dogs – Rayvin (7 year old lab) and Cookie (1 year old pug). We have been married for 15 years and enjoy doing things as a family, such as traveling, hiking, going to the zoo, museum, or just hanging out together!

We value family, education, and hard work.  Playing outside with our dogs is also something we enjoy doing – even making them dress up for the holidays!

All About Nathan

Nathan grew up in a small, rural town with both parents and an older and younger sister.  He enjoyed being involved with the arts, but always had a keen interest and ability to work with computers.  This led to his current career as an IT Sales Engineer.

Nathan loves to go four-wheeling with his family and friends, hunting, and participating in Boy Scout activities with Gavin.  He enjoys doing hands on projects, like landscaping, building computers, and tinkering with his side-by-side UTV.

Nathan enjoys spending time with family and especially loves going on family vacations – which sometimes includes traveling with extended family.

Nathan’s Fun Facts

Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day

The most beautiful place ever visited: Taj Mahal

Favorite Foods: Steak, Pumpkin Pie, and Corn on the Cob

Favorite activity to do as a family: hiking

Favorite way to relax: watching a movie

What I appreciate most about Kim: sense of humor

Most interesting thing about me: I can build a computer from scratch

All About Kim

Kim grew up in a quiet neighborhood with both parents and an older brother and younger sister.  Kim enjoyed the arts, but most of all, loved talking…ALL THE TIME! This helped to guide Kim in pursuing work in the helping profession.  Though Kim has to use her listening skills more than her talking skills as a clinical supervisor for Mental Health and Substance Use Counseling programs, she gets to work with people every day, which she loves.

Kim loves to read, travel, and enjoys doing different activities with her family. She loves going to the zoo, museum, and spending time outside with Gavin and Nathan, as well as going to exciting places on vacations.

Kim’s Fun Facts

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz

The most beautiful place ever visited: Taj Mahal and Maui

Favorite Foods: Prime Rib and Potatoes

Favorite activity to do as a family: traveling

Favorite way to relax: read a book

What I appreciate most about Nathan: his ability to laugh at himself

Most interesting thing about me: I was on Family Feud with my parents and siblings!

All About Gavin

Gavin is 12 years old and is in the 7th grade.  His favorite subjects are science and history and he loves to learn about dinosaurs!  Gavin dreams of being a paleontologist and hopes to discover a new dinosaur species one day!

Gavin loves to spend time with his family and playing with his two dogs, Rayvin and Cookie.  He plays the baritone in the school band and is excited to join jazz band too.  Gavin is in Boy Scouts and enjoys working on merit badges.

Gavin’s Fun Facts

Favorite food – Pizza and Ice cream

What do I want to be when I grow up – a paleontologist

What is my favorite thing to learn about – Dinosaurs, what else!

Favorite subject in school – science and history

Favorite activity to do as a family – go to a movie

Favorite thing to do for fun – play video games

Favorite animal – my dogs Rayvin and Cookie

Hopes for Our Child

We are both very involved parents, wanting to make sure that our children’s needs are always being met.  Gavin is on the Autism Spectrum, which gives us the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our educational system to ensure his speech therapy or other supports are available.  We understand that every child is different and will need different supports and are ready and willing to ensure those are met.

We both were raised in wonderful homes with so much support; this is something that we want to ensure our children always have.  Because we value family, education, and hard work, we have made a commitment to teach those values to our children.

Gavin, having been an only child for 12 years, is very excited about the idea of having a younger sibling. He loves to tell jokes, but most of all, loves telling anyone who will listen, hundreds of facts about dinosaurs!  Gavin can’t wait to teach a younger sibling all about dinosaurs, science, and history.

Kim’s Family

Parents: Gary and Janet

Brother and Brother-in-Law: Chris and Derik

Sister and Brother-in-Law: Liz and Jeremy

Nephews: Parker and Connor

Yes! Kim, with her parents and 2 siblings were really on Family Feud with Steve Harvey!  We won the first game (though lost the fast money round), but unfortunately, lost the 2nd game.  All of our personalities are PERFECT for a Family Feud family!  Kim’s family is a loud and energetic Italian family. I don’t think we understand what an inside voice is! Though we may be loud, we are fiercely loyal and support each other always.

Nathan’s Family

Parents: Roger and Cindy

Sisters: Lisa and Angela

Nephews: Andy and Brayden

Nieces: Isabella and Sophia

Nathan’s family live only 30 minutes away from our house.  We love to get together and play Domino’s (that is if Nathan or his sisters don’t cheat), seeing our niece in plays, or getting dinner to catch up!  The kids enjoy swimming in grandma and grandpa’s pool during the summer.

Our Home

We live in a quiet subdivision on a 1/2 acre lot, with trees bordering the entire back of the lot, in a 2 story home with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Nathan loves to work on landscaping, so all landscaping in our yard was done by Nathan, with Kim supervising, of course!

The town has access to wonderful parks and community center activities.

The floor is always littered with Legos or stuffed animals!  Gavin says he can’t wait to share the things he loves with a younger sibling.

Family Interests

One of the things we love to do outside is hike; we enjoy spending time with Kim’s parents hiking in sunny Tucson, Arizona.  Participating in Scouting activities is another big part of our family time, along with doing various “walk/run” events.

We are a family who enjoys each others company and loves to just have a fun time and be silly. We have a great group of friends that we can do activities with and a wonderful, supportive family unit!

Holidays & Birthdays

Celebrating with family is important to us.  We are very close to our family and feel fortunate that we are able to see them during holidays, birthdays, and other family get-togethers.  We often will go out for a last minute dinner or movie throughout the year.

Birthdays are special days as well.  We enjoy being with our families, but Gavin also enjoys hanging out with his friends. Because his birthday is the day before Halloween, he likes to celebrate Halloween style!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to look at our portfolio.  We can only imagine the difficult decision you are making and we hope that we were able to give you a good sense of who we are as a family. Family means so much more to us than just children and parents.  Family to us means togetherness, fun, excitement, sharing, helping, and belonging.  We would love to have our family grow, to help foster the values and morals that we hold dear in another child.

As a family, we make a promise to love unconditionally, to always strive to be the best people and parents we can be, to encourage independence yet togetherness with loved ones, and to teach a child to care for everyone he or she comes in contact with. We are excited about the prospect of having an open adoption, to ensure our child can maintain that family history, community, culture, and heritage.

We dearly hope that you will consider giving us the opportunity to raise your child.

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