UPDATE: Tom and Tina have been selected by a birth parent and are awaiting placement.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  We are excited to be on our journey to adopting again.  While we haven’t met you yet, we respect you and the decision you are making for your child.  We hope that by reading through our profile, you will have a greater understanding of us and the life we would provide for your child.

We have always wanted children.  Faced with infertility, we chose adoption to build our family.  We believe growing our family through adoption is simply another option. Since Adeline joined our family, we knew we had more love in our hearts to give to another child.   Families are created out of love and that takes many forms. When we first learned about openness in adoption, we were hesitant about it, mostly unsure of what it meant exactly.  We have since come to realize the benefits of open adoption when people are coming together in the best interests of the child. At the same time, we understand the choice of openness is in your hands and we will respect your wishes.  Know that the door will always be open. Bonding with our children is important to us, especially in the first year. For that reason, Tina plans to take a year off work to stay home with our second child.

How We Met 

We met through Tom’s sister-in-law, Lisbeth, who was a student in one of Tina’s adult English classes.  While dating, we enjoyed outdoor activities such as spending a day at the beach, hiking, and our first trip together out west.  We got married on a frigid February day in 2001. 

About Tina

Tina is the second oldest from a gaggle of girls.  She grew up in a small community in southeastern Wisconsin.  Teachers were very influential in her life and she always knew she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.  While attending college she discovered an interest in other cultures which led her to specialize in teaching English to students who speak other languages.  She has enjoyed international travel to Central America and Europe and experienced the challenges of not knowing the native language and culture proficiently.   Having those experiences motivates her to help her students become proficient English speakers.

Tina has an adventurous spirit when it comes to hiking and camping in the mountains.  Meeting Tom helped her realize this passion and she cherishes all the adventures they have had together.  They have inspired her to meet challenges and overcome obstacles in other areas of her life. Tina expresses her creativity through decorating cakes and quilting. She has made quilts for Tom and Adeline, too, as well as one for our next child. That quilt is signed with inspirational quotes by family and friends who support us on our adoption journey.

About Tom

Tom is a twin and comes from a large family of boys.  He has a college degree in environmental science, but now manages the family business of manufacturing and distributing dental supplies.  Managing a small business requires a diverse skill set including people skills, financial planning, marketing, web and graphic design and even a little engineering.  He has found it to be a rewarding experience to see it all come together.

Outdoor activities are a big part of Tom’s life.  Tom continues his passion for fishing, whether it’s salmon on Lake Michigan or bluegills on quieter waters.  His adventures include many trips hiking and backpacking in the mountains, deserts and forests throughout the country.  Tom’s other hobby is woodworking. His recent projects included a cedar strip kayak, rowboat, and rocking fish for Adeline.  He finds woodworking to be creative, relaxing and stimulating as he builds on his experience, learning new techniques and skills.

About Adie

Adie is a happy and active child who loves exploring the world around her.  She is a rough and tumble princess, and gets scrapes and bruises to prove it.  She is sensitive, observant, creative, social and wants a baby brother or sister.  Adie likes to play outside: at the park, in the backyard, and on her 2-wheel bike. On her softer side, Adie loves to sing, dance and act, putting on plays and performances in the living room.  Adie also loves princesses, clothes (changing several times a day), shoes, art projects, playing dress up, and playing with her dolls. Adie loves the open relationship with her birthparents.

Our Home & Community

We found our new home in November 2017.  It is in a quiet neighborhood, yet close to a park, Tom’s work and provides easy access to the highway and shopping.  Our house is a 3 bedroom, two story colonial with a finished basement for extra play area. The living room is our main hangout, with a section dedicated for toys, and glitter from princess dresses sparkles on the carpet from time to time. The shaded backyard is fenced with plenty of space to dig in the sandbox, swim in a pool, swing, and even grow a few vegetables. 

The neighborhood is a mix of empty nesters and families with young children. We ride our bikes to the park or around the block to chat with neighbor kids.

Our Families

Spending time with Tina’s family takes us on the road.  Her parents and older sister live in Wisconsin while the other two sisters live in Chicago and Roanoke, Virginia. We gather as a whole family for major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also plan visits on the side.  

Most of Tom’s family lives in Green Bay.  We see them a bit more regularly. Tom enjoys duck hunting with his brother, nephew and friends, Adie sees Tom’s mom regularly for play time when Tina goes to yoga 2x/week.  We gather with his family on major holidays, like Christmas and Easter, but also in between for special birthdays and celebrations.


We both want to be home with our children with a mix of one-on-one time, family time and individual time – but of course we have to work. Tina balances her time being a stay at home mom in the mornings with her teaching job in the afternoon.  Tom shortened his work day to be home to be with Adie after school. Some evenings are occupied with Adie’s dance or swimming, school events, or church events, but we try to strike a balance between commitments and home time. On the weekends, we find family friendly events and activities to attend such as Fall Fest, Packer Family Night, a trip to the beach, sledding, or the Festival of Lights at the Botanical Garden.

Adventures & Activities

While we like quiet times at home, we also have an adventurous side.  We both like adventure and exploring. Together we have hiked in several mountain ranges, deserts, canyon country and beaches; and explored caves and cultural sites.  We planned to, and have, continued this with children, modifying it to their abilities and interests. For example, we spend more time at waterfalls and stream crossings to splash the water, or climb on boulders and walk on fallen trees.

Closer to home Adie has become an avid bike rider with trips around the block or to the park.  We visit the amusement park, the wildlife sanctuary, go kayaking or spend a summer afternoon at nearby beaches.

Thank You 

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  We pray for God to be with you and guide you in making the best choice for you and your child.   We welcome the opportunity to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

As avid mountain hikers, we’d like to leave you with a lasting thought that applies to both hiking and life.

Lesson from a Mountain Hike:

Every now and then you need to stop and look back so you know

where you have come from,

what you have endured,

what you have accomplished,

and how to get back home.

-Tom and Tina

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