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Kate & Blake

UPDATE: Kate and Blake are matched with a child!

Hello from our family!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family and for considering us as you make your adoption plan.  We are so very excited to grow our family through adoption. It is our hope that this profile serves as a small glimpse into our lives, and that through it you see love: the love that we have for each other, the love we have for our children, and the love that we are eager to extend to our future child and their birth family.

We have always known that we would grow our family through adoption. Even from our first conversations about the plans we had for our family, we discussed how we would eventually  open our home and hearts to a son or daughter through adoption. As the years have passed, that excitement has only grown and we are thrilled to embark on this journey.

Even though we have never met, we want to communicate to you how much we appreciate you, because the path you are choosing is a true act of love. We would be delighted if you were to choose us, but know that regardless of your decision we deeply respect the courageous choice you are making. We look forward to the chance to meet you and learn about your story.


Kate, Blake, Cooper and Otto

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Jason & David

UPDATE: Jason and David are matched with a child!

As our profile book sits in your hands, we imagine that you find yourself hoping to find the right couple with which to connect. We too are looking for a connection. We are two dads who would love nothing more than to become parents. The sacrifice we know you are prepared to make is one that we will always honor and respect and that sentiment will continue onto the life you are now creating. Despite the decision you are now facing, please know that you will be giving the greatest gift of all by creating an opportunity for a life to be surrounded by immense levels of love, respect, care, acceptance, and a healthy amount of silly times. We thank you for giving us a chance and know that we are thinking of you during this stressful time. We also hope that you find peace with your decision and that by the end of this book, you understand exactly what type of parents we can be!

With love,

Jason & David

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Mike & Kristen

Mike and Kristen are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Hello! We are Kristen and Mike and would love to say thank you for taking a glimpse into our lives with the consideration of becoming parents to your child, and hope this provides you with an accurate image of who we are and the parents we strive to be!

Given the opportunity to become mom and dad to your child, we can promise that his or her life will be filled with endless love, laughter will be loud and often, and he or she will have the biggest cheerleaders throughout all of their adventures in life! As their parents, we will encourage him or her to try new things; teach them values of compassion, empathy, and hard work and assist them in finding passion in whatever they may do.

We promise to create a strong stable foundation for your child that will always be surrounded by family and friends that love him or her. The sacrifice you are making, and the amount of courage you have is absolutely extraordinary. Please know that the choice of adoption is unbelievably admirable and we will never take it for granted!

We hope to meet you soon!


Mike & Kristen 

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Stephanie & Eric

UPDATE: Stephanie and Eric are matched with a child!


We both want to thank you for giving us this chance to expand our family. Eric and I are both teachers in the area. We dated for 5 years and got married in 2014. Our plan was be in love, get married, and have a big family. Our plan started to come to fruition when we became pregnant with Cameron. Cameron was born in 2015. After the birth I began to have health symptoms relating to pregnancy. Low and behold the doctor recommends that pregnancy isn’t a safe option for us, but that hasn’t stopped Eric and I and our dreams of a bigger family. Cameron is a healthy 2 year old, who enjoys being mischievous. Cameron has opportunities to interact with other children his age through park district programs and preschool. The saying it takes a village to raise a kid is true and dear to Eric and I. Our parents play a huge role in Cameron’s life. Both our parents watch Cameron throughout the weekdays. We want all of our children to feel safe, emotionally supported and loved. Thank you for giving us the chance to expand our family and to give our love and support to another child.

-Eric and Stephanie

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John & Megan

John and Megan are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Hi! It’s nice to meet you!

We appreciate that you are taking the time to get a glimpse of our family through this book. We believe that family is about caring for and supporting one another. We live that through our daily interactions with one another and through our faith. While we have been blessed in our lives up to this point, we still have something missing – a new child to love and hold, a sibling to strengthen the bond of our children and a new little person to help grow into the best big person that they can be. And that’s what we’re all about.

Although we don’t yet know you, you’re often on our minds! We can’t imagine the emotions you are feeling right now, but we hope that you find moments of peace in your decision. We know that it is made with love and that you are looking for the best family fit to give your child opportunities… please know this choice you are making says something about the kind of person you are. We can’t thank you enough for your ability to be so selfless!

Thank you for taking the time to meet our family!

Megan and John

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Kevin & Lynnea

Kevin and Lynnea are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Nice to meet you,

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We understand that a decision like this is not easily made, and we would be forever grateful if we are chosen for this gift. We promise to provide love, support, laughter, and guidance to this precious life. Our journey to become parents began in 2011. After IVF was unsuccessful, we decided it was time to explore the wonderful opportunities that being adoptive parents could provide. We invite you to take a moment to view our story.

Kevin & Lynnea

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Meg & Mitch

UPDATE: Meg and Mitch are matched with a child!


On our very first date, we snuck out of our agriculture economics class to eat pumpkin ice cream on a fall day too beautiful for numbers and lectures. Somehow, we subconsciously knew that we were meant to start an adventure together. We laughed so naturally that day and somehow wound up talking about our common dreams of living in the country and raising kids in a big white farmhouse with a garden and green grass and sunshine.

In the 9 years since that day, we have dedicated our lives to building the foundations of those dreams. We have been renovating our farmhouse (right down to the white siding) and hoping for a child to join us.  We’ve built a beautiful life together full of laughter and love (not to mention green grass, sunshine, and cuddly creatures). We are the kind of people who sing in the kitchen, admire the stars, and give our pets middle names. We believe first and foremost that we were all put on this earth to help each other.  We may not be rich or famous or powerful, but we are kind people who work hard to make our little corner of the world a better place. We feel lucky have a wonderful tribe of family and friends who are waiting with us, arms open, to welcome our child into to the fold.

We know that everyone who writes an adoption profile is coming from a place of love, hope, and gratitude. In that regard, we are not different from or better than the many other couples whose profiles you may be reading. Like them, we have hoped for a child. Like them, we will love and care for a child. Like them, we are so grateful for the opportunity to start our family.

We are guessing that what will help you choose is a connection — an intangible feeling that the profile you’re reading is about the people who are meant to raise your baby. We know without a doubt that there are a mother and child we are meant to know.

Please know that in choosing us to raise your child, you are welcome to join our adventure, too.  There are so many ways to make and be a family!

With Love,

Mitch & Meg

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