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Words of Encouragement & Wisdom

Tim and Deidra share about their domestic adoption journey and their daughter, Zoey.

Holt-Sunny Ridge came into our lives in the summer of 2013. We weren’t quite sure what we were looking for with an agency, but we had hoped that something would trigger our intuition and we would know that one agency would set itself apart from all the rest. That agency undoubtedly was Holt-Sunny Ridge. From the moment we arrived for our initial meeting we felt comfort and the more we spoke, the more we felt at ease with what can be a very overwhelming and emotional experience. Through Holt-Sunny Ridge’s comprehensive informational meetings, adoption classes and one-on-one attention, rest assured that you will be armed with all the information and assurance that you’ve made the right choice!

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To Complete a Family

Jeanette & Mark share about their experience adopting their daughter, Mya.

IMG_0387After ten years of failed attempts in trying to have our own biological child, both naturally and through infertility treatments, we still had the strong desire to raise a family. Therefore, we decided to open our hearts to adoption.

We started our journey into adoption in January 2013. After doing research and attending different informational sessions, we chose Holt-Sunny Ridge to be our adoption agency.

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An Act of Incredible Strength & Love

Alison and Rob share about their adoption experience with Holt-Sunny Ridge and how their daughter, Zoe, joined their family.

SmokeWe dealt with infertility for quite a while and after much consideration we decided we wanted to go the route of domestic adoption. We definitely did our homework and met with three adoption agencies before deciding to go with Holt-Sunny Ridge. We immediately felt that Holt-Sunny Ridge was the best fit for us. Everyone was so welcoming and nice. It had a small family feel and we felt like we were more than just a “number,” which was different from some of the other agencies we visited.

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Safe Haven and a Family’s Thanksgiving Miracle

trinityJust last week local news station WGN ran a story about the Illinois Safe Haven Law. And in their story, they featured one of our beloved Holt-Sunny Ridge families — the Haack family!

The Safe Haven Law’s purpose is to protect both birth parents and their newborns, stating that an infant, under 30 days old, may be safely relinquished to staff at any Illinois hospital, fire station or police station. The mother may remain anonymous, and the child will be safely placed with a permanent, loving family through adoption.

This news story came out at an especially meaningful time for the Haack family. It was around this time two years ago that their daughter Trinity came into their lives.

Christie Haack recounts their adoption story here:

“At around 7:30 the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Nancy Crouch called to let us know that a beautiful, dark-haired baby girl was relinquished at a fire department earlier that day. And there was the chance we could take her home on Saturday, less than 48 hours later — the Saturday before Thanksgiving!

Through our adoption journey, I learned that everything is in God’s time. Every year now, on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, I’ll always remember how one fateful phone call would change the rest of our lives forever! This was the day we found out about Trinity. This was the day we fell in love with the little girl we didn’t know anything about yet. This is the day we prepared to open our hearts to her. This is the day she stole our hearts…Even before we knew her. Trinity, you are loved so much!”

See the full story and video from WGN here. 

The Story Behind the Photo: The Homecoming

Last year, California mom Amber Kanallakan and her husband adopted their son Oliver from China — a little boy with limb difference. They were featured on the cover of Holt’s 2015 annual adoption magazine. We’ve also shared some of Amber’s blogs about their adoption process and her advice about fundraising for adoption. Now, in a post originally on the Holt International blog, she shares about another part of their journey to Oliver — their homecoming.


Friends and family gathered at the airport to welcome Oliver home from China. Photo by Jacki Potorke Photography

During our adoption process, I often dreamed of the moment we’d walk through the double doors of the airport foyer, holding our long-awaited and already dearly loved son, and introduce him to our people.

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Together, We Make Family

Domestic open adoption brings birth parents, adoptive parents and their children together as a unique and beautiful family. This photo shows the significant moment of Killian’s birth mother and adoptive parents meeting for the first time — the beginning of a lifelong relationship centered around the love they all have for their son.

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The Story Behind the Photo: One Photo, Many Memories

How an old photo triggered memories and better communication for one Holt adoptive family.


When I was a kid, fishing was the preferred family pastime of the Kalb household. It led us to regular summer excursions to the Mississippi river, Lake Volga, and a small fishing hole outside of Maynard (which I’m convinced is real, but can’t find on any map). The crown jewel of our fishing excursions were the annual trips to Lake Norway in Minnesota — simply dubbed “vacation.” Vacation happened in the middle of every summer after the crops were planted, weeds pulled and rocks picked up. I loved it. A five-star resort this was not. It was a modest little resort with equally modest cabins on one of Minnesota’s ten-thousand lakes. I’m not sure there was anything that really set this place apart from “resort X” a few miles down the road. But when you’re a kid, it didn’t matter. It warms my heart as I remember the little things that made vacation so great. Like when I tried cream soda for the first time. Or when an old, discarded fishing lure on the bottom of Dad’s tackle box caught me so many northern pike that by the time I had caught eight or nine, the sharp teeth of the northern had left it in tatters and unusable. Or the year it rained so much that Mom and Dad conceded to Mother Nature as we loaded into our 1976 sky blue Buick LeSabre to catch the afternoon showing of Ghostbusters in the local theatre — something we’d never do at home.

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