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From a Birth Mom: Megan’s Story

Megan shares her story about becoming pregnant in college, making an adoption plan at Holt-Sunny Ridge and the relationship she continues to have with her son. 


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Choosing Adoption: A Birth Mom’s Story (Video)

Choosing adoption is a brave and selfless option for a woman who experiences an unplanned pregnancy. Watch Christy’s story about having an unplanned pregnancy while in high school and choosing adoption for her child.


“It’s not that I would have been a bad parent. I think that in any adoption there’s a lot of conflicting emotions, but I just knew it was the right thing…Even in the worst of times, there’s a sweetness…”


Are you or someone you know experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? You have options, and we want to help you reach the decision that is best for you. Contact us to get started.

A Birth Mother’s Personal Experience With Open Adoption

In the June 2015 issue of NCFA’s Adoption Advocate, birth mother Amy Hutton Sink writes about her personal experience as a birth mom, how she has learned to set and manage her expectations in open adoption, and how her open adoption arrangement with her child’s adoptive family has shifted and changed over time while still remaining strong.

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Placing a Baby for Adoption

When a woman discovers she is pregnant and is not ready to parent, she may think about placing her baby for adoption.

Placing a baby for adoption is not an easy thing to do. In fact, one of the first things a woman should do is seek out professional counseling to look at her options. Adoption professionals call this “options counseling” and this can help with the beginning stages of decision making. During options counseling a woman and her counselor explore the options of parenting the child or placing the child with an adoptive family. 

When seeking out counseling, a woman should be sure of the following:

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