Journey of Hope Camp is “The Best Weekend of Their Lives!”

Holt-Sunny Ridge and The Ranch of Hope Reins teamed up once again in June to offer the second Journey of Hope camp!

This camp has equipped, strengthened and given adoptive families the opportunity to learn from a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® parenting curriculum. Adoption is a lifelong journey, and the Journey of Hope camp allows adoptees and their parents to learn new tools and strategies – specifically to help children learn self-regulation skills and deepen family attachment.

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Journey of Hope Adoptive Family Camp 2019

Holt-Sunny Ridge will host the Journey of Hope Adoptive Family Camp for adoptees and their parents this summer!

This two-day family camp is designed around the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® parenting curriculum for domestic and international adoptees and their families. Even years after their adoption, some children may struggle with behavior regulation, attachment and social skills. With specialized assistance from TBRI practitioners, this camp will equip families with tools and strategies they can use to help their child learn self-regulation skills and deepen family attachment. Other activities include fun sensory games, art and four hours of EAGALA equine therapy!

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Fall Calendar of Events

Domestic, Sunny Ridge, Kolovos 2

We are dedicated to supporting you and your family for life. See our list of upcoming events and classes for adoptive families and adoptees of all ages.

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Teaching TBRI ® Concepts Through Books


If you have attended a TBRI ® — or Trust-Based Relational Intervention — training, you are familiar with these phrases: re-do, asking or telling, accepting no, and compromise or negotiate.  Social worker Cindy R. Lee has written several children’s books using these important concepts or life scripts as the main storyline.  As a therapist who works with kids who come from hard places, I find these books extremely helpful in communicating some of these important messages to young children.  You can order the books on Amazon.  Here are some of the titles:

“The Redo Roo”
“Baby Owl Lost Her Whoo”
“The Penguin and the Fine Looking Fish”
“Doggie Doesn’t Know ‘No’!”
“It’s Tough to be Gentle; A Dragon’s Tale”

Each of the books provides a two-page explanation of the TBRI ® concept, technique or strategy that the story is about.  They also provide teaching tips for parents and colorful illustrations for the kids!

Pam Shepard | LCSW, Supervisor of Clinical Services

To learn more about the TBRI model of intervention, click here.

Parenting The TBRI Way

“Charlie, I need you to turn off the TV and head upstairs to do homework!”

No response. Repeat the command. No response. Repeat the command. Take away the remote control and turn off the TV yourself.

Charlie now responds: “I hate you! You’re so mean! I was almost finished!”
Charlie is now kicking, screaming and crying. Mom tries to comfort him and then tries to handle the situation by threatening to take away privileges. But his behavior only escalates. The meltdown goes on for two long hours.

Sound familiar?

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